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CREATED: 06/12/13 by chad0022 REPLIES: 1
chad0022's ravatar chad0022    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 346
POSTED: 6/12/13 2:03 PM

Has anyone had experience with PRP (Protein Rich Plasma) injections?

What was thought to be only plantar fasciitis by two doctors was found to be a partial tear in my heel. After my third cortisone shot (2 by one of the doctors who thought it was just PF) and the third by the doctor who found the tear, is not sure why things are healing. So, after lots of resting and not much progress with PT, he suggested PRP before full surgery.

Has anyone had this or know anything about it in terms of pros (it worked) or cons (no change/worse).


simba2109's ravatar simba2109    JOINED: 6/23/11    POSTS: 63
POSTED: 6/12/13 7:03 PM

I had PRP for a partial tear in my hamstring tendon. I will PM you.

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