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New to the club
CREATED: 02/03/12 by mbaba REPLIES: 2
mbaba's ravatar mbaba    JOINED: 2/1/12    POSTS: 5
New to the club
POSTED: 2/03/12 8:41 AM

Hi, my name is Michael. I’ve been doing halfs/fulls the last three years, but am looking to get faster. I’m planning on racing Louisville and Chesapeakeman again this year, but also want to try some other endurance events.

I’ve been training on my own, as best I can around frequent business travel. This year I’ll be in DC more and decided to join the club. I live in Silver Spring and work near the Capitol.

vkanders    JOINED: 7/4/11    POSTS: 136
RE: New to the club
POSTED: 2/03/12 10:10 AM

Welcome! I'm doing Louisville as well and can use bike training partners. Email me - vkanders at gmail

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2218
RE: New to the club
POSTED: 2/03/12 10:20 AM

You might look into the club HIP and IM programs that are just starting up. Also the ride/run bricks on the EagleMan/ChesapeakeMan course that folks do before EMan. And the active MontCo subgroup of the club in Maryland.

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