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Looking for a ride to the NYC Triathlon
CREATED: 07/30/14 by blustinc REPLIES:
blustinc's ravatar blustinc    JOINED: 8/8/10    POSTS: 23
Looking for a ride to the NYC Triathlon
POSTED: 7/30/14 7:08 AM

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I am looking for a one way ride up to NYC for the NYC Triathlon this weekend. Anyone racing that could give me a lift? I live in Arlington, very close to Freshbikes. Would prefer to go up early Saturday morning (only one night's hotel booked right now), but can make Friday mid-day work as well. Just need space for me, my bike and my bag. I will happily pay gas and tolls up to NYC. I have my own way home after the race. I am staying in midtown, near the race hotel. I will even drive your car up there if you want to take a nap. I do really appreciate it. Please email me directly at, or call 770-364-0000.
James DeFilippi

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