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Aspiring Triathlete
CREATED: 08/06/10 by jalbright23 REPLIES: 4
jalbright23    JOINED: 8/6/10    POSTS: 2
Aspiring Triathlete
POSTED: 8/06/10 1:02 PM

Hi everyone,
My name is Jacqueline Albright. I have been a runner for many years. I completed my first half marathon, and then realized that I was bored with running, and I quit. I have recently started to run again and somewhere along the way decided that I was interested in doing triathlons. So I took a swimming lesson and I am looking at buying a bike. I would love to have some people to train with (none of my friends or family are at all interested). I haven't the slightest idea where to begin. I know your site says you welcome all levels, but I am really very new to swimming with my face in the water, and I don't own a bike yet. I will be in the D.C. area for the next 4-8 mos and would lvoe to come out with you all if you don't mind having a newbie. And any advice on buying a bike and how to improve my swim would be greatly appreciated!


morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: Aspiring Triathlete
POSTED: 8/06/10 2:21 PM

Congrats on making the leap to triathlon. You have opened the flood gates as all triathletes love to talk about doing triathlons, the next triathlon, the training regime, how many mph they can pedal, how bad the last triathlon was, how good the next one will be ... and for our own club... the food at the BricNic. I can't make it on the 14th, but you should borrow a bike and just show up. You'll get all sorts of advice on bikes, etc. Revolution Cycles supported a great race - PeasantMan - organized by our resident Vietnamese Royalty - Tuan - and were super terrific people - I would buy a bike from them in a heart beat. Also, Conte's regularly supports the tri races in the DC area. Bikes come with a wide budget (about $1200 for entry tri bike on up to $4500 for carbon fiber tri bike; to about half that for a good road bike). Swimming - well that's another story - all you need to do is float and propel yourself forward - and a wetsuit helps. Running you seem to have under control.

Good luck,

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: Aspiring Triathlete
POSTED: 8/06/10 2:34 PM

Also, go to the club happy hour, on Aug. 19 I think this month. You'll meet a ton of people and get lotsa advice there. You'll also meet many from the club at the Hains Pt. pool and the Wilson high school pool, to mention two.

ecrandlemire's ravatar ecrandlemire    JOINED: 4/13/10    POSTS: 63
RE: Aspiring Triathlete
POSTED: 8/06/10 2:52 PM

Also, if you are leaving for an area with year-round racing (Florida, Texas, California, etc), you might want to pick a race later this year so you have a goal to work towards rather than not having a race until the spring. Sprints are the best way to start and below is a pretty good website for finding local races.

I too was a pretty bad swimmer but I just took a training program off the internet and began practicing in the local pools.

Good luck and see you out there.

jalbright23    JOINED: 8/6/10    POSTS: 2
RE: Aspiring Triathlete
POSTED: 8/08/10 9:16 AM

Thanks everyone for the responses. I will definately try to make it out to one of the events coming up.

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