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Google Maps now generates bike routes
CREATED: 03/10/10 by trisha REPLIES: 6
trisha's ravatar trisha    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 133
Google Maps now generates bike routes
POSTED: 3/10/10 1:21 PM

I heven't tried it yet, but am excited people are thinking about it!

Google Maps now generates bike routes :
Different modes of travel often require different routes to be taken. If you're walking somewhere, for example, you're not likely to take a highway to get there, and you have the distinct advantage of being able to go through certain structures that cars cannot. The same goes for biking. When someone is planning to get somewhere by bike, they're going to demand different routes. This is why the Google Maps team today announced that it has added bicycling directions to Google Maps.

Shannon Guymon, product manager for Google Maps said, "We wanted to include as much bike trail data as possible, provide efficient routes, allow riders to customize their trip, make use of bike lanes, calculate rider-friendly routes that avoid big hills and customize the look of the map for cycling to encourage folks to hop on their bikes. So that's exactly what we've done."

Google has taken more than 12,000 miles of bike trail data from the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's database. The Washington, DC nonprofit has been collecting trail data since 2000, and has maps, pictures, descriptions, and listings for more than 30,000 miles of bike trails.

"The demand for trail maps and information has never been higher, especially as more people recognize biking as a viable, inexpensive and healthy alternative to driving," said Rails-to-Trails President Keith Laughlin today.

But simply having the data on hand is completely a different matter from the whole business of machine-suggested routes. Google had to incorporate trail data into its routing algorithm, include metropolitan areas with designated bike lanes, and include roads that have been recommended by other cyclists, all the while taking into consideration the business about certain roads. All that is just to determine the most biker-accommodating paths according to safety. There's also the whole issue of hills.

"Our biking directions are based on a physical model of the amount of power your body has to exert given the slope of the road you're biking on," said Google software engineer John Leen. "Assuming typical values for mass and for wind resistance, we compute the effort you'll require and the speed you'll achieve while going uphill. We take this speed into account when determining the time estimate for your journey, and we also try hard to avoid routes that will require an unreasonable degree of exertion." Likewise, the algorithm avoids routes that have too much downhill travel as well so the ride is balanced.

Today's launch of Google Maps for bikes is sort of the opposite of a development from last year, an Android app called My Tracks which targeted runners, hikers, and cyclists. Instead of suggesting routes, My Tracks collected live GPS statistics from the user's smartphone and mapped out total/moving time, (average) speed, distance, and elevation profile on Google Maps as the trips were being made.

Google Maps for bicycles is live right now.

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: Google Maps now generates bike routes
POSTED: 3/10/10 1:31 PM


This function might have helped me last year when I was using Google Maps to plan my bike rides. I might have found out that certain roads I was intending to use were not paved. That might have saved me the one bike ride where I blew through 3 tubes on a dirt road and had to call a friend to pick me up out in the middle of nowhere.

Nate's ravatar Nate    JOINED: 2/23/10    POSTS: 68
RE: Google Maps now generates bike routes
POSTED: 3/10/10 2:03 PM


ajulia's ravatar ajulia    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 145
RE: Google Maps now generates bike routes
POSTED: 3/10/10 4:15 PM

That is way cool. No more using the "street-view" feature to try and decide if a road is passable by bike :o)

I just tested it out by mapping my commute home from work. It went smoothly from the street to a brick path to the Rock Creek trail back to the street (and stayed away from M Street in Georgetown).

Nice tool for people who are still getting comfortable riding in traffic and may want to avoid major roads...

PotomacTriathlete2009's ravatar PotomacTriathlete2009    JOINED: 9/19/09    POSTS: 532
RE: Google Maps now generates bike routes
POSTED: 3/10/10 6:09 PM

This is a welcome feature.

Keep in mind that the bike route tool is still in the Beta phase so don't rely on it as your only source of info. I think there's a link at Google Maps to add information about appropriate or inappropriate bike routes. The maps should become more accurate and useful as the year goes on.

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2216
RE: Google Maps now generates bike routes
POSTED: 3/11/10 1:35 PM

Well, I tried Google Maps on my iPhone, using "Washington, DC" to "Poolesville, Maryland", and could not call up the right screen.

Then I tried it from a desktop, and it instantly displayed an accurate route, I think, going to MacArthur Blvd from Gtown via Canal Rd., instead of cutting through Gtown via Reservoir Rd.

NY Post not impressed for now tho:

trisha's ravatar trisha    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 133
RE: Google Maps now generates bike routes
POSTED: 3/12/10 2:21 PM

hmmm - they were definitely not impressed for NYC! as people start to use this in/around DC I'd love to hear more about how people think Google's doing.

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