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Absolute novice to Tri :)
CREATED: 10/12/09 by mariagonzalez845 REPLIES: 1
mariagonzalez845    JOINED: 9/30/09    POSTS: 1
Absolute novice to Tri :)
POSTED: 10/12/09 11:23 AM

Hi, I'm Maria and I have registered for the Columbia Tri next Summer.

I'm completely new to triathlon, and also trying to get back in shape--8-9 years ago, while in grad school, I used to run regularly and started training for a half-marathon, but my training faded gradually once I moved to DC and started working/traveling.

Now I'm working to get my running pace, but also to improve my swimming technique (I'm no more than an advanced beginner who still needs to build much endurance), as well as fully get into biking. So, there is much work ahead of me :) Looking forward to getting better by the day and participating in the many activities/training events organized by the club!

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: Absolute novice to Tri :)
POSTED: 10/12/09 10:24 PM

Welcome aboard, Maria. You might in particular check out the swimming clinics starting up this time of year.

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