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Xterra Rocky Gap
CREATED: 07/09/12 by HunterT REPLIES:
HunterT's ravatar HunterT    JOINED: 5/7/12    POSTS: 7
Xterra Rocky Gap
POSTED: 7/09/12 5:03 PM

Anyone else from the group competing in this race? I plan to drive up on Saturday so I can pre-ride the bike section. I learned the hard way in Richmond that it's nice to know what's around the next bend on a mountain bike course.

Me: (yells over left shoulder) I'll call the pass for you when the trails widens.

Faster dude: No, it's ok. I'm gonna wait til after the stairs.

Me: Did you say 'stairs'?!

Faster dude: What? Yeah!

Me: (Rounds corner and sees stairs going UP, madly grabs both brakes, fishtails across the trail, ends up covered in dirt)

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