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Congratulations PhilyTri Racers and Supporters!
CREATED: 06/24/12 by kmjacobsen REPLIES: 8
kmjacobsen's ravatar kmjacobsen    JOINED: 1/4/12    POSTS: 6
Congratulations PhilyTri Racers and Supporters!
POSTED: 6/24/12 7:27 PM

I was approached twice today by other racers while wearing my DCTri uniform at the Phily Tri. While running, one athlete approached me and said, "DC Tri... man - there are so many of you guys! I'm so impressed with how many of you came up to race!"

A second athelete approached me while I was picking up my swim bag after the race and she said, "I just wanted to say, DC Tri has some amazing athletes. You guys were beasts out there. I'm really impressed - please pass the word on"

So that's just what I wanted to do!

And thank you to all who came out to support us. Your cheering was so appreciated!!!

Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 423
RE: Congratulations PhilyTri Racers and Supporters!
POSTED: 6/25/12 9:43 AM

These kindof comments from others really help to build the great reputation of our club! I saw a college friend who was in the elite sprint wave with me on Saturday morning, and he said "I wish we had a big tri club here in Philly that is as active as the one you have in DC." And by DC Triclub standards, we had a small showing in Philly this year.

I will add, I was blown away by the number of "Go DC Triclub!" shout-outs that I got at the Baltimore 10 Miler last Saturday (another race that had a small turnout by DC Triclub standards).

I can't wait to see what the reaction is like at General Smallwood... where we will have over 100 athletes competing!


JohnT's ravatar JohnT    JOINED: 8/17/10    POSTS: 10
RE: Congratulations PhilyTri Racers and Supporters!
POSTED: 6/25/12 12:06 PM

It was great meeting several fellow DC Tri Club members out on the course! Many thanks to Kang for pushing me to pick up my pace on the run!

slowtwitchva's ravatar slowtwitchva    JOINED: 2/18/10    POSTS: 207
RE: Congratulations PhilyTri Racers and Supporters!
POSTED: 6/25/12 3:21 PM

DC Tri domination at Smallwood.

khangrx    JOINED: 2/16/12    POSTS: 16
RE: Congratulations PhilyTri Racers and Supporters!
POSTED: 6/25/12 3:43 PM

What a great weekend of racing and what a great fast race course. I hope DC Triathlon comes back next year but if not, I'll definitely do this race again and would suggest to all. I and a few in the club PR on this course.

I echo Kristina and Luke's sentiments. Other racers and spectators definitely cheered us on when wearing the DC Tri colors. Glad I wore them yesterday.

Luke - Congrats on placing 3rd overall on the sprint. Didn't complained about the swim?

John- It was good to meet you and looking forward to racing with you at Musselman in 3 weeks.

afava's ravatar afava    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 258
RE: Congratulations PhilyTri Racers and Supporters!
POSTED: 6/26/12 2:31 PM

What amazing feedback!

I did the Sprint on Saturday. Had an amazing day racing with our NTP'ers Carly, Amy and Amanda and also Molly from Nations/CGI. You ladies looked great out there and it made my day to see you all on the run course! Khang, thanks for the support :-)

A big congrats to Steph Ewert! She placed 2nd in the Elite category and beat many of the pro women out there. I wish I could have made it out to the Olympic race on Sunday to see her in action!


slowtwitchva's ravatar slowtwitchva    JOINED: 2/18/10    POSTS: 207
RE: Congratulations PhilyTri Racers and Supporters!
POSTED: 6/26/12 2:48 PM

The OP is also a new member of DC Tri and Phily was her first triathlon! I think we owe her some congratulatory love, DC Tri Club style!

turbogator's ravatar turbogator    JOINED: 10/27/10    POSTS: 2
RE: Congratulations PhilyTri Racers and Supporters!
POSTED: 6/27/12 8:02 AM

The race was a lot of fun and the support was awesome. I think I will register for Smallwood.

Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 423
RE: Congratulations PhilyTri Racers and Supporters!
POSTED: 6/27/12 9:50 AM

Thanks khangrx! I join you in hoping that the DC Triathlon returns next year! And congrats to Stephanie... 2nd elite/5th overall in the Olympic race (with tons of pros!) is HUGE!!

Yes, the swim water conditions were less than ideal, due to the heavy rain on Friday night (the Schuylkill was much better the past 2 years). 80.2 is too warm for wetsuits (for the 3rd straight year), and there were sticks, leaves, and trash floating downstream (yet for some unexplained reason, people still complain more about the Potomac...). Regardless, I commend the race director for keeping the swim... the small debris alone wasn't a reason to cancel the swim, and the current wasn't bad at all.

Other thoughts on Philly:

The guy that crossed the finish line first in the Sprint race got caught for a rule 5.10F Position penalty. As a result, he was stuck with a 2-minute penalty, which relegated him to 2nd place. He had a pretty sizeable lead on the rest of us for the entire bike & run legs. This means he rode the entire first lap of the bike on his own, and probably rode most of the 2nd lap of the bike on the left side of the road as he was flying past athletes starting in later waves. I was a little surprised they called him for this... I'm going to try to see if I can track down an explanation.

The bike is hillier than I remember it being! I was reaching some fast speeds on the flats, but the hills slowed down the overall times quite a bit. It was a great course, with few technical turns (2 180-degree turns per lap on the sprint, but otherwise nothing too bad) and good shade cover.

The run course was a very flat & fast out and back in Fairmont Park. The run only made it about half way to the famous Philadelphia Art Museum... the Olympic run could be re-routed to go past the Art Museum. Better yet, maybe the finish line could be moved to the Art Museum, and the race could bus people back, just like the DC Tri did to allow the race to finish in front of the Capitol Building!?

Perhaps the race director could consider moving this race forward one week? Over the past 3 years, the Schuylkill has been below 78-degrees on the 3rd weekend of June, but it always creeps above 78-degrees before the 4th weekend of June when the race is traditionally held.

Philly had the best finishers medals I have seen yet (3D liberty bells that ring!). Yet the race also had some of the worst race t-shirts I've ever seen (a plain shirt that says PHLY TRI...)

I'll def return for this one again next year!

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