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CREATED: 06/01/11 by pmart15 REPLIES: 2
pmart15's ravatar pmart15    JOINED: 12/14/09    POSTS: 149
POSTED: 6/01/11 11:47 AM

Does anyone use dailymile or similar website?

In case you don't know.... is a semi-social website that allows you to log workouts, encourage each other, post pics, notes, etc. It's pretty decent. Garmin Connect still has all of my data if I really want to get more detailed. I have also played with SportTracks and Training Peaks. Both of those are able to dig deep into the numbers if you choose.

Anyway, if you use dailymile feel free to add me.

jdruke's ravatar jdruke    JOINED: 9/2/10    POSTS: 64
RE: dailymile
POSTED: 6/01/11 1:57 PM

Love Dailymile!!

skarpers's ravatar skarpers    JOINED: 5/9/11    POSTS: 42
RE: dailymile
POSTED: 6/01/11 5:34 PM

Love dailymile. Think it is the best thing out there. Feel free to add me.

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