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Super Discounts at Co-Ed Shopping night! Join us tonight!
CREATED: 06/01/11 by amacos REPLIES:
amacos's ravatar amacos    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 157
Super Discounts at Co-Ed Shopping night! Join us tonight!
POSTED: 6/01/11 11:48 AM

Hi guys!

Tonight we are going to have some amazing discounts at Contes and PRR. Below is a brief summary of these exclusive prices just for us!

Freshbikes Purist water bottle and sample pack of Endurox R4 fruit punch!

Bike Deals!!!
Cervelo P4 25% off
Cervelo p3 20% off
Cervelo S3 30% off
Ritte 1919 $1675 frame only $3600 complete bike no wheels
Used Specialized Shiv $4000 medium frame module (reg $5500)
Wilier Mimosa women’s med only 40% off
Wilier Imperiale aero road bikes 25% off

Wheelset Deals!!!
Fulcrum Racing 7s $100
Fulcrum Racing 5s $150
Shimano R500s $100
Shimano RS10s $150
Roval Rapide SL45 $999 (reg $2000)

Zipp 404 Carbon Clincher 30% off
Zipp 808 Carbon Clincher 30% 0ff

All inner Tubes 50% off
Continental GP4000 tires 40% off
Red,yellow,blue,silver only
Michelin Pro Race 3 tires 35% off

Additional 30% off all clearance clothing!

20% off all other apparel, accessories, and components

ALL in-stock Mavic Shoes 50% off

Giro Advantage helmet 50% off
Giro Ionos Helmet 50% off

Voyager bike travel bag 50% reg $350.
Used TRI-ALL-3_SPORTS travel boxes $375. (only 3 left) REG $570

So, friends, get your training done and join us at our cheese and wine shopping night tonight at Contes and PRR! These discounts are super incredible!! The fun starts at 7:00pm!


Adriana Anderson

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