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Lake Placid Ironman Group House - SPACE AVAILABLE
CREATED: 07/12/13 by williams27 REPLIES:
williams27's ravatar williams27    JOINED: 1/23/12    POSTS: 3
Lake Placid Ironman Group House - SPACE AVAILABLE
POSTED: 7/12/13 2:49 PM

Not too far in the future, a group of DC Tri Club members are heading to Lake Placid to see where they make Ironmen. We’ve acquired a “lovely home”, says the owner, which is located near the aqua-blue Mirror Lake in the pulsating heart of the Olympic Center. The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a sleeper sofa, a futon, and modern amenities such as a coffee maker and a VCR player. It’s nice. I’ve provided a link below. Not to know more about it would be downright ungrateful.

We currently have a crew of five staying at the house: three gals, two guys, and plenty of bikes. Some are racing; some are volunteering. But there’s room for more as the house comfortably fits eight. We plan to be staying at the house from Thursday, July 25 to Monday, July 29. The race is on Sunday.

Regarding finances, it depends how many people end up staying at the house. But the total is $3200 for everyone, so the prices would roughly be $133 per person each night for six people in the house, $114 per person per person for seven people in the house, and so on. We'll take care of the security deposit.

So if you’re wanting to go to Lake Placid and need a place to crash for a few days, drop me a line at


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