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DCTri Club USAT NCC - Update 13 (Four out of Seven Edition)
CREATED: 02/03/13 by ballstoncyclist REPLIES:
ballstoncyclist's ravatar ballstoncyclist    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 496
DCTri Club USAT NCC-Update 13 (4 out of 7 Edition)
POSTED: 2/03/13 12:40 PM

Writing this as I watch the rain come down in Waitomo Caves. Based on the pictures I’ve seen on Facebook it appears that the Rock Creek Park run was a smashing success, despite the snow that fell overnight. I guess I have no excuse and will have to run in the rain.

Bike Month is Over
Despite their best efforts and lots of Twitts about their ‘taints’, the Cyclonauts couldn’t catch us and we have unofficially won bike month. We were also the first Club to reach the milestone. Congratulations to everyone, there were some impressive mileages out there. Some key results:

• Elliott biked almost 1,250 miles to be our top athlete.
• Ed Moser and Sean Leenaerts battled for second place all the way to the end with Ed finishing just ahead of Sean, with 850 and 810 miles respectively.
• Hilary Cairns was the top female cyclist with 875 miles.
• The Board averaged 264 miles
• Battle of the Sexes: bike month goes to Team Bougie. Erin beat Brady by only 18 miles (270 vs 287).

Results, including the number of entries for the raffle are posted at:

At this point we have won all four of the seven awards up for grabs in the NCC (swim benchmark, swim month, bike benchmark, and bike month). Now the goals are run benchmark and run month.

Run Month Strategies
Last year’s Run Month winner team had close to 23,000 miles. To be competitive we need to aim for something in that ballpark or higher. This mean we each need to average 300 miles (100 unweighted). Kind of crazy, right? Here are some suggestions to add more running to your life:

Register for the Rock N Roll marathon or 1/2 marathon. There are 70 Club members already doing it and we receive a $10 discount!! Go to
Going to the gym to do some weights? Run a couple miles before as your warm-up and an easy mile or two after to get the blood flowing again.
Brick. We all know we need more bricks. Finish every bike workout with a run. You will gain lots of speed in your next short distance triathlon. And while at it practice your transition.
Splash n’ Dash. This is one of my new favorite workouts. After a swim, there is nothing better than a hard, all out, 3-mile run (in my case usually followed by a massive dinner). (Disclaimer: I tried a Dash n’ Splash with horrible consequences so I don’t recommend it)
Elliptical trainer miles. These are allowed again this year, but athletes should enter their actual miles when entering into the system. Last year you had to divide by 3, but this year the system will do the weighting calculations for you. When entering elliptical miles, use the 'Run' part of the entry form but check the 'elliptical' radio button and the system will calculate the rest.
Cross-country ski miles. Requested by many northern athletes, these will count the same as elliptical miles. Enter what you ski, the system will calculate the rest.

I have contacted USTA (again) about when prizes will be sent to us. Still no answer. I know some of you are delaying purchasing a Garmin in case you win. I absolutely understand your pain. USAT changed the person in charge of NCC this year and let’s just say that like Mckayla, I am not impressed.

Alejandro (460 miles on chipseal roads have left their mark)

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