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Newbie's First Post, Quick Somebody Take a Picture!
CREATED: 01/20/10 by Slick REPLIES:
Slick    JOINED: 10/20/09    POSTS: 5
Newbie's First Post, Quick Somebody Take a Picture!
POSTED: 1/20/10 9:25 PM

Hello everyone,
The name's Jim. (Or Slick -- I respond to both.) I joined the club back in late November, but this is my first time (*gasp*!) on the Forums. I've been to a couple social events (Mr. Day's, Holiday Party) where I met several of you, and I'm looking forward to meeting more of you tomorrow evening at Union Pub.
How will you find me? Well that's a good question. Let's try this: If I get enough responses to this post, I'll wear a t-shirt that says "STAND BACK -- I'm going to try SCIENCE!"
About me: I've done 8 marathons and a decent share of triathlons, starting with sprints and working up last season from olympics to my first half-ironman in September. All great fun! I'm currently training for the National Marathon (March) and St. Anthony's Triathlon (April). Hopefully I can make it out to more training events soon!


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