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Rumpus In Bumpus Race in NEW location
CREATED: 04/11/12 by spleary REPLIES: 3
spleary's ravatar spleary    JOINED: 8/17/10    POSTS: 73
Rumpus In Bumpus Race in NEW location
POSTED: 4/11/12 8:55 AM

Hey all,

I just saw that the race location of Rumpus has changed:

I also got an email from my coach with the following information:
The new race venue is only 4 miles from the original race site on a massive farm. Greg says the water will be warmer in this spot, and expects it to be upper 60's. The run will have some cross country aspects to it (think grass field, trail, gravel roads). The bike course is the same - just a different start and end point. So the bike course remains fast. The swim and transition areas are now more sheltered from the wind

So all in all, not a big deal at all, but something you might want to know.


bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
RE: Rumpus In Bumpus Race in NEW location
POSTED: 4/11/12 9:34 AM

Well that's nice to know. Thanks for the notice. This is the first I've seen on the change, and we are only a few days out! I could have sworn I was just looking at the course a few days ago and they hadn't changed it yet.

saville    JOINED: 2/9/12    POSTS: 1
RE: Rumpus In Bumpus Race in NEW location
POSTED: 4/11/12 12:55 PM

Anyone who's curious, here is the new race site and maps.

tonigm's ravatar tonigm    JOINED: 1/1/10    POSTS: 19
RE: Rumpus In Bumpus Race in NEW location
POSTED: 4/11/12 1:59 PM

Here's an email someone forwarded to me:

This email is to let you know that the Rumpus in Bumpass race site has moved 4 miles down the road. Some changes happened very recently at the Marina that made it very clear we needed to change venues. We know this is not standard operating procedure to move venues a week out from an event, but through the cooperation and goodwill of many people in Louisa County we made it happen! The community has truly embraced this event and words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the good folks of Louisa County.

The New Venue: Boxley's Cove
The new venue is locally known as Boxley's Cove and is on the "hot" side of the lake, so the water will be several degrees warmer than the current race site. The water was 70F last week, but has most likely dropped a bit since the nights have been so cool (we will post a water temperature Thursday evening). The swim occurs in a long, narrow sheltered cove resulting in very clear water and almost no chop no matter how hard the wind blows. The swim will be an in water start with a boat ramp to get you in the water. After your swim you will climb some stairs to exit the water to run a short distance to the transition area.

The bike course is the same exact course that we have been using, it just starts and stops at a different location. The run course is completely new. There is one hill at the beginning of the course on a gravel road, a quick portion along the perimeter of the race site (spectator friendly) and an out and back portion on an adjacent gravel driveway. International distance athletes will do 2 loops of the bike and run courses, sprint athletes will do one loop of each.

- Sprint Course Maps <>

If you have family coming in to watch, make sure they are inside the gate by 10AM. The same rules apply at this race site as the old one, once the race starts we will not be letting cars in or out of the race site until the last cyclist is off the bike course. This will be at approximately 1:30PM on Saturday and 12:30PM on Sunday. There will be a bounce house for the kids and food for sale to spectators, so please plan accordingly.

In moving the venue we have brought all of the professionalism you have come to expect at a VTS race with us. Well supported courses, high quality post race food free to all athletes, sheltered seating, finishers medals, technical shirts, race socks and lots of other race swag. We appreciate your support of the VTS and we wouldn't be having nearly as much fun doing this without your participation. You can expect 2 more emails from us: the standard pre-race email first thing Thursday morning and a water temperature update Thursday evening.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Greg Hawkins and the rest of the VTS team
Virginia Triathlon Series

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