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Create your own TdF fantasy team
CREATED: 07/06/09 by no-e-plz REPLIES:
no-e-plz's ravatar no-e-plz    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 43
Create your own TdF fantasy team
POSTED: 7/06/09 1:24 PM

Okay, since I'm a self-proclaimed tour geek and a group of friends and I used to play our own version of "pick today's winner" to the point that I'd obsess over each stage, which riders were still in the tour, who's birthday and home town the tour was visiting that day, and endless other oddities, I thought I'd share my newest obsession.

Versus has a "build your own" fantasy tour team ( and you have until Stage 5 to build and manage your team. I created a DC Tri Club league since you can build your team but then must join a league. I didn't know if anyone else had built a team as well. I'm looking forward to another July of cycling obsession, drama, controversey, and scenery throughout the Tour. I realize that Grand Tour cycling isn't for everyone but then again, neither is reality TV and look how popular that is. This as every other year looks to be great entertainment if not also great cycling.

Get out and ride your bike like you're Fabian, Levi, or Lance.

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