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olympic training program
CREATED: 06/02/11 by jgoodine REPLIES: 4
jgoodine's ravatar jgoodine    JOINED: 12/31/10    POSTS: 38
olympic training program
POSTED: 6/02/11 5:27 PM now that i've almost finished my training through NTP for my first sprint in 17 days i'm already thinking about Nations. I was wondering if people feel as though the Olympic training program is really worth the money. I'm still struggling with the swim and feel that's my weakest sport...especially for the olympic distance! I'm going to be gone 5 of the 13 weekends during the training...would that be a problem and would i be missing clinics? I really feel like NTP kept me on track and helped me feel more comfortable in the tri i was hoping that this program would do the same. Feedback would be much appreciated! thanks

JADMeza's ravatar JADMeza    JOINED: 12/1/09    POSTS: 46
RE: olympic training program
POSTED: 6/08/11 4:48 PM

Jess - thank you. I was thinking the same thing. After the tri on the 19th, I am gone that following week. But think it may make sense.

ajm27's ravatar ajm27    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 142
RE: olympic training program
POSTED: 6/08/11 10:35 PM

Congrats on making good strides with the NTP program. You can definitely sign up for the Oly Program since you registered for Nation's. This program is different than NTP however. We don't have regularly weekly scheduled workouts or clinics like NTP. We have a group workout and clinic scheduled about once or twice a month. You can meet others to train with at these workouts/clinics but most people train on their own for this program. If you want to sign up soon, we have a swim clinic scheduled for Wed June 15. This might be good for you. We are also doing a transition clinic this coming Sat.

Most of our clinics seem to be scheduled during the week (versus weekends) except the OWS. These clinics do tend to be on weekends. I think our next OWS clinic is scheduled for Aug 7.

Hope this helps!

JADMeza's ravatar JADMeza    JOINED: 12/1/09    POSTS: 46
RE: olympic training program
POSTED: 6/10/11 1:38 PM

Thanks for this. I am at a conference starting Wed., but based on the swim clinic on Wed. (which I need more of for the 19th DCTri) and the transition clinic this weekend (if its after my Wave 1 Swim Clinic) I would definitely be up for it.
The group workout and clinics would be worth it - and like NTP a lot of training has been on my own too.
Let me know.

gdinfinger    JOINED: 6/10/11    POSTS: 3
RE: olympic training program
POSTED: 7/05/11 11:53 AM

Thanks for starting this thread.

I'm registered for the Myrtle Beach Tri, and just signed up for the Oly Dist. training program.

My question: Once we are registered, how do we obtain the training program document and group workout / clinic dates? Will they be emailed, or is there a place on the website that I should visit?

Thank you!

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