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pain AFTER active release
CREATED: 09/27/10 by mildmanneredreporter REPLIES: 1
mildmanneredreporter's ravatar mildmanneredreporter    JOINED: 8/20/09    POSTS: 26
pain AFTER active release
POSTED: 9/27/10 11:32 AM

Hi all - I'm interested in your thoughts/experience/knowledge on the following:

In the weeks leading up to Nations, I was experiencing knee pain after 4-5 miles running. For me, knee pain always means too-tight hams/IT causing mistracking of the kneecap. Try as I might, I couldn't find the spot to massage away the tightness I knew was causing the pain. After the race, a masseuse found the spot (it was in the glutes, not the hams this time), and did some very effective ART on it. Since then, I've found the same spot several times a week and self-massaged it, rolled, stretched, etc.

Weird thing is, in the days since Nations, I've developed very mild knee pain now that comes and goes very frequently. Is it possible that, now that there's been a release in the lateral side of my leg, the rest of the leg needs some time to find a new equilibrium for the knee to settle into the right groove? I've self-massaged, ART, stretched to the point where my leg is as soft as spaghetti, and there's no spot left to release. Anyone have similar experiences?

Cheers and thanks -


morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: pain AFTER active release
POSTED: 9/27/10 11:45 AM

This is worth a trip to Sports & Spinal Fitness PT (2175 K Street NW), a DC Tri merchant partner. I've had trouble with my left knee for months. SSPT diagnosed the problem of weak glutes also cauding ankel to roll in and the knee. Gave me great strength exercises to do before the run and on the bike. I have also going to an ART chiro for 3 years.

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