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Seven Cycles Axiom 54cm
CREATED: 09/17/12 by zoom2zoom REPLIES:
zoom2zoom's ravatar zoom2zoom    JOINED: 5/5/10    POSTS: 72
Seven Cycles Axiom 54cm
POSTED: 9/17/12 12:14 PM

Seven Cycles Axiom 54cm - Titanium Frame with Carbon fork.

Frame measures 55.5cm top, 54cm seat

Full Ultegra - shifters, brakeset, crankset.

Triple front, 9 rear

Mavic wheelset.

New chain, New cables, tuneup performed by Bikelane in summer 2012

One of my favorite tatanium frames, always store indoors, shows usual rub marks on frame - no dents of scratches. stickers are fading, but all intact.

The bike is not in perfect condition, as it has been ridden and been on couple of century rides

Seat and Pedals, pump, bottle holders NOT included.

Detail pics posted here:

Price: $1500 local

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