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Shake Shack fun runs at Pacers Logan Circle!
CREATED: 07/30/14 by dbowe REPLIES: 1
dbowe's ravatar dbowe    JOINED: 9/7/09    POSTS: 137
Shake Shack fun runs at Pacers Logan Circle!
POSTED: 7/30/14 1:15 PM

With running season right around the corner, I wanted to bring everyone's attention to Pacers / Shake Shack Fun Runs, which are held at Pacers Logan Circle on the second Tuesday of each month. The runs start at 7pm. Before the run you can drop all your stuff off at Pacers and it will be ready for you at Shake Shack at the end of the run! So basically, this is a fully supported run group with a meal at the end. It doesn't really get any better than this for training. The runs go out to the National Mall so you can fit in a lot of miles if you want to. These are great social, community building events as well, so they are really enjoyable while allowing you to go all out with your running.

RosePT supports the Shake Shack runs with free injury screenings. You can sign up using this link:
Assessments are performed on the Wednesday following the runs at Pacers Logan Circle.

Please select an available 15 minute time slot on Wednesday, August 13th from 6:30-8:00 pm.
Fill out the basic contact information. For the secret code, enter, “rosept”
Select Sign Up now and you are done!
You will receive an email confirming that you have signed up for an injury screening, and you will also receive a reminder email the day before your appointment.

I should also mention that Pacers Logan Circle has a very active run run group. If you are working in the downtown area, they are a great resource for getting your miles in. And in addition to the runs, they are active socially. This is really worth checking out and we look forward to seeing DC Tri Club out there!

dbowe's ravatar dbowe    JOINED: 9/7/09    POSTS: 137
RE: Shake Shack fun runs at Pacers Logan Circle!
POSTED: 8/11/14 7:24 AM

Note that the assessments are this WEDNESDAY at Pacers Logan Circle.

If you are having trouble signing up, please send an email to katrina <at> rosept .com and we'll take care of it!

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