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Any more AU swim cinics?
CREATED: 05/18/09 by janealonso REPLIES: 5
janealonso's ravatar janealonso    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 54
Any more AU swim cinics?
POSTED: 5/18/09 2:51 PM

I missed the session that started in April....does anyone know if another one is going to take place?

SeanG's ravatar SeanG    JOINED: 4/8/09    POSTS: 160
RE: Any more AU swim cinics?
POSTED: 5/18/09 3:38 PM

What I heard last night is that a new one starts up next week. I believe it's another 6 week session. Just finished up the last one and I found it really helpful. I believe they will post something to the website soon about it.

nopher    JOINED: 3/2/09    POSTS: 35
RE: Any more AU swim cinics?
POSTED: 5/18/09 5:01 PM

I'm interested, if anyone has more information. Thanks

janealonso's ravatar janealonso    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 54
RE: Any more AU swim cinics?
POSTED: 5/18/09 5:20 PM

Hey -- that is great news. Do you know what website it would be on?

mccannjl's ravatar mccannjl    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 216
RE: Any more AU swim cinics?
POSTED: 5/22/09 7:57 AM

The note on the d.c. tri homepage says:
Sunday Curl Burke Freestyle Seminar
Curl Burke (CUBU) Masters Swim will be hosting a weekly triathlon-specific swim session on Sundays, beginning May 24th, 6:00-7:30pm, at the American University (AU) pool in NW DC. Cost is $75 for the 5 week session.

Although when i talked with Dennis (AU coach guy) yesterday (thursday, may 21) he said he didn't know if it was starting THIS sunday or NEXT sunday.

So i have no idea.

HillOE's ravatar HillOE    JOINED: 3/2/09    POSTS: 79
RE: Any more AU swim cinics?
POSTED: 5/22/09 9:39 AM

This is the email that I got yesterday from Alexandra, and yest it will start Sunday May 24th!:

Hello to Everyone joining in on the CUBU Freestyle clinic,

Here is some final information before we start on Sunday night:

1. You will need to register for the clinic and pay before we start, so bring your $75.00 check (payable to CUBU Masters) or cash with you. The payment is for all the sessions, and there is no refund for classes that you do not attend. One of our coaches will work with those that have missed work covered in a previous session(s) so that you can have the information to “catch up”.

2. If you are not currently registered with United States Masters Swimming you must also join USMS for insurance purposes, that fee is $37.00.

3. You will register and pay with Coach Alexandra Wessel (at a table on your right) when you come into the front of the Jacobs Fitness Center (this is the access point to get down to the pool - directions to follow). Alexandra is a member of the American University varsity team and is also a CUBU instructor. I will also be at the table to answer any questions you might have before class begins.

4. After registration, you will come down to the pool thru the general locker room. You may use the lockers in the general locker room, but if you want a lock (and we recommend that you lock up anything you own) you must bring your own lock. You must take all your belongings home at the end of the session including your lock. Locks left on lockers are cut off at the end of each day. You can bring your belongings onto the pool deck and leave them against the wall on the deep end side of the pool, but if you have items of value, please plan on locking them in a locker. Neither the Fitness Center nor the CUBU coaches have locks for sale or rental.

5. We will start each 90 minute class with video in the gym just off the pool deck and then we will get in the pool. The gym is cooler than the pool, so you might want to wear shorts and a t-shirt while we are in the gym – whatever you are comfortable with.

6. Direction to American University are at:

7. A map of campus is available at:

Parking on campus is free after 5:00, and we recommend that you park in the Sports Center garage as it makes access to the pool simple if you park in this garage.

From any floor in the garage, one side has an exit to the Sports Center while the other side has an exit to Mary Graydon. Take the exit to the Sports Center and then take the elevator down to the 1st floor. When you get off the elevator, take a left and keep walking toward the left until you arrive at the glass doors of the Fitness Center. Go thru those doors and look for Alexandra and I will be sitting at the round table on your right.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

If you have any questions, please contact Alexandra via e-mail at:

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