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March 27: CompuTraining @ Conte's -- Fundraiser
CREATED: 03/13/10 by EmilyC REPLIES: 2
EmilyC's ravatar EmilyC    JOINED: 7/17/09    POSTS: 11
March 27: CompuTraining @ Conte's -- Fundraiser
POSTED: 3/13/10 8:11 AM

ADA Tour de Cure fundraising event

When: Saturday, March 27, 2010 (all-day event; you pick when you want to ride)
Where: Conte's bike shop, Bethesda, MD
What: 50+ mile indoor CompuTrainer event, 5-6 waves of 5-6 people total of 25-30 people, each rider riding ~10-15 miles

Cost/Donation: $25 per rider, goes directly to the American Diabetes
Association for the June 20, 2010 "Tour de Cure" in Reston, VA

Join us for an indoor CompuTrainer session on the 27th; all you need in order to participate is your bike and the $25 donation. Conte's Bethesda has been nice enough to let us use the room and their CompuTrainers all day and provide us their time to set everything up at no cost.

You can join us as an individual, or put a team of 5 together and race against other teams and times. Carmen of Ambitious Athletics has put together a challenging course of rolling hills--for any who have taken his spin class at WSC, you know he means business. After each round (about 45-60 mins each), Conte's staff will change out the bikes and set up the next team of riders. All fitness levels welcome. You MUST sign up for a time slot to participate.

There will be FOOD available and DISCOUNTS galore. Conte's bike shop has announced that they will give

5% off bikes that day
15% off accessories and clothing
25% off nutrition products

QUESTIONS? Want to SIGN UP? Email Carmen at

*NOTE: for all of you going to the Multisport World Expo, note that Conte's Bethesda is only 7 minutes away from the Expo (being held at Georgetown Prep). You have NO EXCUSE not to squeeze in a workout before or after stopping by the Expo!!

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: March 27: CompuTraining @ Conte's -- Fundraiser
POSTED: 3/13/10 2:00 PM

Might be a logical place to drop by after/before the Multisport Expo, kind of in the area. Hmm...

EmilyC's ravatar EmilyC    JOINED: 7/17/09    POSTS: 11
RE: March 27: CompuTraining @ Conte's -- Fundraiser
POSTED: 3/18/10 9:08 AM

Just a reminder about this event NEXT Saturday--you have to sign up in advance to participate (email

Hope to see you there--maybe even some of the NTPers so they can find out what a CompuTrainer is all about!

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