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RCP 5k Saturday 3/2
CREATED: 02/23/13 by mtighe REPLIES:
mtighe's ravatar mtighe    JOINED: 5/30/12    POSTS: 66
RCP 5k Saturday 3/2
POSTED: 2/23/13 2:43 PM

I'll be running this 5k Saturday (possibly as a reverse brick)...would be great to get some additional participants from DC Tri Club!

Vort Port International is hosting its first ever 5Krun/walk - *EmpoweRun 2013* !! This is volunteer-run, so all proceeds go directly towards the implementation of Biodigesters in Madagascar, Bamboo Bikes in Uganda, and Solar Lamps in India. The event will take place on*Saturday March 2, 2013 at 7:45 AM at Rock Creek Park in
Washington, D.C*. Registration costs cover one entry, a race t-shirt, post-race snacks, and a small donation to the aforementioned projects. Register Now! <>

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