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DCTri Club USAT NCC - Update 12 (Cyclonauts on the Move Edition)
CREATED: 01/29/13 by ballstoncyclist REPLIES:
ballstoncyclist's ravatar ballstoncyclist    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 496
DCTri Club USAT NCC - Update 12 (Cyclonauts on the Move Edition)
POSTED: 1/29/13 7:10 PM

Hello from quiet but beautiful Wanganui, North Island. I am back in the North Island after a few weeks down south. Weather up north is hot and this southern hemisphere sun is really brutal (less ozone here). Not that I am complaining. Last Saturday I represented the Club in a local swim meet with teams from Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch. I wasn’t Katie, Steph, or Bryan, but didn’t suck too bad. On Sunday I did the State Capital Classic 3.3K swim in Wellington Harbour and had a blast. There is something to be said about a city where you can just jump in the water from downtown without having to worry about pollution. Damn the Potomac.

Cyclonauts on the Move
As if out of thin air, the Cyclonauts are making their move to try to keep their 2011-2012 NCC Bike Month title. In just 2 days they’ve reduced the deficit by about 1,000 miles and are now within striking distance. We need to make a push in the next two days to make sure that doesn’t happen. Travis told me that the weather in DC is nice for a change (and that he cannot run shirtless because of too many cookies in the last months), so get those bikes out for a quick spin. They probably want it as much as you. I’ll try to do a century on January 31st if the weather cooperates and the beer doesn’t flow too freely on the 30th.

Cycling Challenge for Week 3 (Jan 20-26): Beat Elliott’s bike miles
Elliott’s miles for the week were 296.8. No one in the Club beat him. The closest Club members were Michael Baba, Ellen Wexler, and Kristina Ament. Elliott has demonstrated once again that he is a machine. If you think you had more miles let me know, I could have easily made a mistake.

Kick off to Run Month: Sunday, February 3, Morning
Don’t forget that to kick-off run month we will have a special run event in Rock Creek Park inspired by the super fun Sunday RCP Runs. The First Annual DC Tri Club Takes Over (bandit style) Rock Creek Park RUN!!
• The Kip&Patrick: the 10 mile loop we all know and love so much. (
• The Reverse Kip&Patrick: well, the same as the Kip and Patrick but counter clockwise.
• The Weak Ankle: 10 miles (as an out an back) on Beach Drive
• The Jess Oldham: about 20 miles, the first 10 is the Kip&Patrick followed by the Weak Ankle. You get 10ish miles on the trail, and 10ish miles on solid payment.
• The Danny Hayes (AKA: Alejandro and Phil please shut-up, I’m in a dark place): One Kip&Patrick followed by a Reverse Kip&Patrick. 20ish miles total.
• The Mocha the Dog: easy stroll on the trails. Perfect to just chill and enjoy the park. No running involved. Chasing squirrels optional.

To help coordinate groups I have created a thread on the forum. Just post there what you plan to do and start time so groups can form for those not familiar with the trails.

Alejandro (nicely tanned in January)

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