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Bike Fit Recommendations
CREATED: 05/19/09 by catgold REPLIES: 3
catgold's ravatar catgold    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 87
Bike Fit Recommendations
POSTED: 5/19/09 4:07 PM

It has been over two weeks and my hands are still numb from my long, cold, rainy ride. I know, I know, I should have been changing hand positions, but I was so darn uncomfortable... (Docs say median nerve damage and I just need to wait for it to heal.)

Among other issues, I think it is time for a real professional bike fitting. I had it fit when I bought it, but I think I need something more extensive.

Who have you used that you recommend? I'd also like to know the approximate cost, and how long it took.


dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Bike Fit Recommendations
POSTED: 5/19/09 4:25 PM


I used sports and spinal fitness (the one that's a partner of DCTri). They have two guys there that does it. One is an Ironman and the other is a hardcore roadie. The one that did mine was an Ironman. He also travels with the U.S swimming team as a physical therapist and is a pretty fast swimmer himself so free swimming advice if you need it :) He leads some of the swimming clinics that they do for DCTri.

The fit took something like 2 1/2 hours. They put me in a room and took a video of me and made adjustments according to that. They made adjustments to me cleats, saddle position, seat height, aero bar, and handle bar position/height.

Every step and every adjustments that were made was explained to me. They even give you a video of the session of you ask. I think they normally charge $200 but if you tell them that you belong to DCTri, it's $100. I thought that it was worth it.

The fit was in NW somewhere near K street near Dupont. It's their main office. If I were to purchase a new bike, I'd go back to them.


hilarysmith    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 47
RE: Bike Fit Recommendations
POSTED: 5/19/09 4:32 PM

I had my bike professionally fitted by Clovis at Contes in Arlington. The fitting was totaled with the purchase price of my bike (along with other gear), so I'm not sure exactly what the fitting alone cost. I'm sure they can provide you a quote over the phone. Also, the fitting (with shoes, pedals, etc.) took a little over an hour. All in all, I'm glad I did it -- he and the Contes team are very knowledgeable and super-nice. Good luck!

suzkinsky's ravatar suzkinsky    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 121
RE: Bike Fit Recommendations
POSTED: 5/20/09 9:04 AM

Mike at The Bicycle Place in Silver Spring does a good fitting on a road bike. It takes about an hour. I think he quoted me a price of around $60 but then only charged me about $30.

For my tri bike, Anathea referred me Eric Sorensen at Cycle Life in Georgetown. You can shell out $300-something for the entire shebang with video analysis, etc., or $100 for a more basic fit, which was still pretty intensive and took me almost 2 hours. I wish I'd know about Sports and Spinal though - that sounds like a great deal!

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