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Nation's Tri Race Report
CREATED: 09/11/11 by jackwilltri REPLIES: 4
jackwilltri's ravatar jackwilltri    JOINED: 7/31/11    POSTS: 2
Nation's Tri Race Report
POSTED: 9/11/11 8:59 PM

XTerra Wetsuits sponsored our club this race with some race entries, so the club asked those who got them to do a race report. Here's the breakdown:

Due to the rain this week, the river was closed and tri became a du. Athletes started from the entrance to T1 in waves. My wave, M25-29, was 18th out of 36 with about 100 people in each wave. I chose to start in full bike gear, helmet, glasses, shoes, gloves, and best of all, LUBE. The clock started as each person crossed the pads into T1. Since racks were by age group, finding my bike was easy since everyone was going to the same place. It was super muddy making the mount line extremely chaotic and slippery. It took three tries to get my cleats clipped and many people seemed to have similar problems. Then we were off.

The bike was FAST. We had multiple lanes at the start to spread out, but it narrowed as we enter the Clara Barton Parkway. Passing people by the scores was dangerous with lots of blocking. One guy cut me off into oncoming traffic and I had to push him back right to avoid a collision. SCARY. Saw leaders go by in echelon. Tons of drafting in the three lead packs. Is that legal? Big U-turn at the halfway mark and back through the rolling downhill picking up speed.

Entering T2 tossed my bike across my shoulder to wade the sea of people slowing in the mud. Throw on the shoes and go.

Foot race was flat with a continuous lines of runners fading into the distance. Passing runner after runner was at first inspirational and then a Promethean task. Mile 4 see girl with her name across her butt, "Available." Is that really her name? Having trouble reading. Mile 5 hurts. Just want to quit but don't. One mile left picking up the pace. Finish strong.

After the race, I was adamant about never doing Nation's again. It had too many people to be fun and was too dangerous. The cancelled swim created chaos. But tonight, after seeing how many people I beat, I'm a little more content with the race. And beer.

90 11/358 90/2417 1:16 1:01:48 24.1 190 1:35 38:54 6:17 81 - 1:43:31

bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
RE: Nation's Tri Race Report
POSTED: 9/11/11 9:46 PM

Nice work. I could have pretty much written the same thing, except I was 10 seconds and 2 places back from you in the 25-29! I'll probably volunteer at the DC Tri and Nations next year and focus on other races. Just a bit too many people on the bike course if you don't start in one of the top few waves.

HappyRunner's ravatar HappyRunner    JOINED: 1/15/11    POSTS: 281
RE: Nation's Tri Race Report
POSTED: 9/12/11 7:48 AM

I'm pretty new to DC Tri and didn't catch her name, but the national anthem was phenomenal (and I'm a pretty harsh singing critic). I'm pretty sure that inspiration cut about a minute from my time.

SeanG's ravatar SeanG    JOINED: 4/8/09    POSTS: 160
RE: Nation's Tri Race Report
POSTED: 9/12/11 9:58 AM

Courtney Fulton, and she was awesome!

Dammiles    JOINED: 4/16/11    POSTS: 11
RE: Nation's Tri Race Report
POSTED: 9/12/11 1:15 PM

I finshed a place and 2 seconds back and also passed that girl. I re-read it a couple times and think it actually said "avitabile".

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