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Advice for Eagleman Spectators?
CREATED: 05/11/12 by kristenf REPLIES:
kristenf    JOINED: 6/10/09    POSTS: 23
Advice for Eagleman Spectators?
POSTED: 5/11/12 9:39 AM

Hello - I am doing the 70.3 Eagleman which is my first HIM attempt. Some of my friends have expressed interest in driving from DC to watch and support me the morning of the race. I've never been to this race before and I'm not quite sure what to expect for race day with so many people participating.

Can anyone offer some suggestions for me to tell my friends that are interested in watching/cheering? What is the parking situation? Where is a good place to try and station themselves? Traffic expectations for when they should leave DC? Any advice will be helpful!



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