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Rides at Wakefield
CREATED: 05/02/10 by Sam REPLIES: 1
Sam's ravatar Sam    JOINED: 3/29/10    POSTS: 10
Rides at Wakefield
POSTED: 5/02/10 8:11 PM

Does anyone do these Tuesday/Thursday evening rides at Audrey Moore rec center? Thanks - Sam

trithis73's ravatar trithis73    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 525
RE: Rides at Wakefield
POSTED: 5/03/10 11:57 AM

I did these rides last year and I am going to be getting back into them soon. It's put on by Potomac Pedlars. The Tuesday ride is fast pace, and the Thursday is a more relaxed, but you will still be working. It is an awesome group. I started with getting dropped in the begining, but made my way to the pack and eventually taking turns pulling last year. This group will get you fast, as the course is rolling small hills the first half, and the second half you will be putting on your climbing face. It will also help with bike handling skills. I actually got comfortable being in a pack riding with them. And the ride takes off at 6:10pm SHARP. They roll at that time, whether you are ready or not. But like I said, it's and awesome group with many different skill groups.

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