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Nations race report
CREATED: 09/11/11 by gabroe REPLIES: 1
gabroe's ravatar gabroe    JOINED: 8/27/10    POSTS: 71
Nations race report
POSTED: 9/11/11 11:18 PM

This being my second season and after some good results this year I was exited on doing Nations specially since I got one of the free entries. Before I knew It will be a du I set three simple goals, faster in the swim, faster in the bike and faster in the run... hahaha I know what you are thinking! But this year I'm a complete different athlete, thanks to the HIM program I being training almost nonstop since January and I'm without a question in my best shape ever, so the goals weren't very unrealistic.

Here is a little overview of my last year nation's

Swim 28:34
Bike 1:16:28
Run 55:21

Based on other events I've done this year I was confident that I was going to be able to do it. But then it happened, the swim was cancelled and I didn't know what to expect, I even thought on not doing the race but I felt guilty so after that I just thought of it as if it will be just another training day.

Transition setup

So I got there about 6:10am and to me surprise it was CROWDED and it took me at least 15 minutes to get into transition, it was a simple setup, bike shoes, helmet, aerodrink, visor and one gu. I put my running shoes and got out of there in maybe 15 minutes, just enough time to pickup my chip and a quick stop at the potty, trying to get to my corral (#18, 25-29) it was a challenge, 10 more minutes at least, but I got there and I was ready to go. At that time I didn't had a race plan but I decided to make one right there, so being a du and with nothing to lose I just decided to go as fast as I can for as long as I can handle, simple enough.

T1 and bike course

It was time, ran to the bike, put my helmet, shoes and ready to go trough the mud, at some point on the mounting area I thought I was going to need to clean my cleats because I wasn't able to clip them as easy always, a couple of more tries and I was rolling, I started passing a bunch of riders and my legs felt great, about 20 minutes passed and to my surprise I had a 24mph avg, in my head the only thing I could think was, ok that's fast but there is no way I can keep it, but I kept pushing. The course was packed, sometimes I felt it was kind of dangerous, I even saw a guy falling down in front of me at around 23mph, that was scary. I go to the turnaround point and I was still on the high 23mph avg so after that I just decided to keep going fast, I was feeling awesome. At some point I saw an ambulance, a guy on the floor and what I think it was paramedics doing chest compressions, I hope I'm wrong but If not I hope that person is all right.

Time : 1:03:19, 25.5mph, 205watts avg, mission accomplished, I was able to improve my time by 13+ minutes and PR on a 40km bike course.

T2 and run

I got to T2, easy, nothing really happened here and under 2 minutes. I started running and to my surprise I didn't feel bad at all, apparently pushing that hard on the bike didn't affect my run. The run is historically my worst leg, my 10k time is ~48 minutes and my best time on an oly was 49+, I started fast with a ~7:15 min mile pace and I kept that for the first couple of miles, I made some numbers in my mind and I realized that I was easily going to beat my previous nations 10k time, even though I was little slower for the rest of the race, I already had a successful day. I finished strong and happy.

Time : 46:59, PR on any 10k ever in my life even during training! 8+ minutes faster than last year.

Final time : 1:54:01

I still have one more race this season, a half ironman, so this was going to be my last oly of the year, in retrospective my season was a success, looking at my performance today I think I need to be more aggressive next year. About nations, I think that even though the organization is stellar, they have too many people racing at the same time and that can be somehow dangerous, specially on the bike, I'm looking forward to score one free entrance next year (just kidding), actually I'm looking forward to volunteer, I feel that I've been in so many races that I have to give something back.

I have to thank to the club, to all the organizers and to all the people I've met this year, it has been spectacular for me, I've learned so much and I'm already excited for the next season, one more race to go and I'm done, wish me luck next weekend I'll be doing Cancun 70.3

Disclaimer, English is my second language so don't get mad if I wrote something awful.


pmart15's ravatar pmart15    JOINED: 12/14/09    POSTS: 149
RE: Nations race report
POSTED: 9/12/11 9:39 AM

You crushed it, nice work!

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