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Recommendations for orthoses/orthotics?
CREATED: 10/12/12 by legalmoose REPLIES: 5
legalmoose's ravatar legalmoose    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 237
Recommendations for orthoses/orthotics?
POSTED: 10/12/12 12:18 PM

I'm looking for recommendations for places to get good running orthoses/orthotics. I had a fantastic experience with getting running orthotics from Sports and Spinal PT three years ago, and went back to get a replacement pair this year and I'll just say that the experience was less than satisfying and I find myself still needing new orthotics. So, do folks have any recommendations for good places to get running orthotics? Thanks.


novasupra's ravatar novasupra    JOINED: 12/3/09    POSTS: 70
RE: Recommendations for orthoses/orthotics?
POSTED: 10/13/12 12:23 AM

I'd stick with a real podiatrist... I got mine from dr. Pribut, his office is on k street in dc, he works with a lot of runners and also does some articles for runners world.

Are you sure you need orthotics? Sometimes a good shoe fit will do the trick.

kag7324    JOINED: 5/5/11    POSTS: 16
RE: Recommendations for orthoses/orthotics?
POSTED: 10/15/12 8:24 AM

I have an awesome podiatrist, but he is in Baltimore.
VERRRRY well worth it (if you can make it up there)...his name is Dr. John Senatore 410-243-1313 (located at Union Memorial Hospital, near Johns Hopkins). Orthotics are a bit expensive, usually covered by insurance and Dr. Senatore does a light wt graphite design!

Good luck!

wombat's ravatar wombat    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 269
RE: Recommendations for orthoses/orthotics?
POSTED: 10/15/12 8:44 AM


I second Dr. Pribut. He's an avid runner himself (on the advisory board for Runner's World, written numerous journal articles) and during my last fitting, we talked about my shoes, cadence, form, etc. My orthotics are made of cork and leather. Better than the hard plastic ones I had in college because they do not retain heat/cook your feet, they are slightly flexible so they do not slide and hit/pinch the balls of my feet and are easily adjusted. Cons of the cork-leather combo - they break down and only last a couple years (longer if you're not training for an IM).

BTW - I've got super flat feet and have worn prescription orthotics since I was 10 years old. The best fits I've had come from the doctor wrapping feet in plaster strips and making a mold of my foot. If someone wants to fit you by stepping into a styrofoam box or a make a pair off a set of xrays, run the other direction and find a new doctor. Those methods have resulted in poor fit and even injury (my mother being fit by xray). Also, discuss the pros and cons of the different types of othotics and materials available. Depending on your needs, you may want a different type of orthodics - full length vs ends at the ball of foot, plastic vs leather/cork vs carbon/composite material, etc.

Questions? Feel free to PM me.


legalmoose's ravatar legalmoose    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 237
RE: Recommendations for orthoses/orthotics?
POSTED: 10/17/12 4:59 PM

Thanks for the recommendations, I'm going to give Dr. Pribut a try next week.

Like several of y'all, I also have incredibly flat feet, and I've definitely been helped by orthoses both in running and in dress shoes. I tried running in just the shoes earlier this summer and I could feel my arch collapsing with each step; this with ASICS gel evolutions, which are pretty strong stability shoes.

Interestingly, the fit I got from SSPT in 2009 was done via a box mold (all the other orthoses I've gotten, before and after, have been done via plaster wrap), and they were the best running orthoses I've had, hands down. Running specific, softer (not the hard plastic/carbon ones I use for dress shoes/walking), and with an extra bump to help flatten the forefoot so it strikes evenly. They got me through 3 years of training, including an Ironman, so I was really bummed when they finally died.


smaguire2    JOINED: 5/18/11    POSTS: 29
RE: Recommendations for orthoses/orthotics?
POSTED: 10/17/12 6:56 PM

Fwiw -- have you had a gait analysis done recently? Pribut can probably do that. My biomechanics sound similar; I was in those shoes for a few years and a few marathons and thought I was so very injured ... heel spur, totally jacked achilles, tons of forefoot drama, hip issues, and on and on. My friend was getting a new analysis, and I decided to do it too -- they had me run barefoot to do it and said "hey idiot, you need neutral and heavily cushioned shoes, and you are absolutely hurting yourself in stability shoes" Now I run in orthotics (from positively chiro) and asics gel nimbus, and the difference is remarkable. I also tried basically every cushioned shoe on the market this year, so if you end up in the same situation that I was in, let me know and I'll tell you my thoughts on shoes. good luck.

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