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New to the Club
CREATED: 01/06/11 by ANick REPLIES: 3
ANick's ravatar ANick    JOINED: 12/15/10    POSTS: 1
New to the Club
POSTED: 1/06/11 11:57 AM

Hey Team!

My name is Alex and I am new to both the area and the club. I am very excited to train with and represent the team!

I plan to do about 10 races in 2011...6-7 Sprints, 2-3 Olympic, and my first Half-Ironman. I'm already signed up for the DC Triathlon in June, The Nations Tri in September, and I am contemplating the Ironman 70.3 Poconos or Ironman 70.3 Miami in October. I also want to do a few of the Virginia Triathlon Series races and some races in Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey.

I am currently doing my winter training at X-Sport Fitness in Alexandria (bike and swim) and I run around the Fairlington/Shirlington area (LOVE running in the cold!!). So, if you train there and want a partner, let me know!

My other interests are international travel and culture, mixed martial arts (off-season hobby), and photography.

See you guys out there!


starcaro's ravatar starcaro    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 60
RE: New to the Club
POSTED: 1/06/11 12:20 PM

Hi Alex, and welcome to the club and the DC area.

Since you are new to the club, I highly recommend attending the DCTri holiday party tonight at McFaddens in DC. It's always a well attended event and going to the social things is a great way to meet people that live/train near by and talk about races everyone is gonna do this upcoming season. You can see more information here:

Just show up and start introducing yourself as new to the club and I'm sure someone is bound to be nice to you :)


KingsPoint2001's ravatar KingsPoint2001    JOINED: 11/2/09    POSTS: 99
RE: New to the Club
POSTED: 1/06/11 1:29 PM

Alex -

I live by the X-sport and go there as well. There are a number of DC Tri members that go there. We use to have an email chain where people let everyone know when they were going to be swimming etc but that fell off at the end of the season. I'm also thinking about my first half-IM as well. Feel free to email me and maybe we can get the old email chain going again. connorph01 at yahoo dot com.

singingjo's ravatar singingjo    JOINED: 1/31/11    POSTS: 11
RE: New to the Club
POSTED: 2/02/11 8:28 PM

Hey Alex!

I'm new too! I live up in Silver Spring, but my sister and aunt live in Alexandria so I am down there some. Sounds like you have a jam-packed race season coming up! Do you do the Piranha Sports events up in DE? I've been doing them for a couple of years now (that's my home area) and I love them.

See you around, and most definitely at the DC Tri in June!


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