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PSA - Hidden gem: local coach & guru
CREATED: 08/01/13 by Lunchbox REPLIES:
Lunchbox's ravatar Lunchbox    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 31
PSA - Hidden gem: local coach & guru
POSTED: 8/01/13 8:44 PM

In the spirit of paying it fwd...

A lifelong athlete and 12yrs in tri,through years of on and off injuries and PT I've stayed fit and fairly fast, but no matter my dedication the treatment fixes always turned out less than 100%. I resolved to accept limitations and decline, and that regular injury would be SOP. Price of the sport, and aging, right?

A swim coach spotted some movement problems, and turned out to be more than a swim coach, more than run coach. Long story short, I'm now healthier and approaching lifetime PRs. No more holding back for fear of injury and pain. I swear I'm even taller thanks to improved posture :) .

Thanks, Daniel for honing in on the root causes, and for the health and happy training.

I hope all athletes find someone like Daniel. I'm not getting paid for this post, he sorta flies under the radar, but I encourage you to reach out.

daniel.brafman at

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