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Spectator's Report: Nation's Tri
CREATED: 09/12/11 by dsgrunning REPLIES: 8
dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
Spectator's Report: Nation's Tri
POSTED: 9/12/11 9:12 AM

These are the 10 things that I observed at the Nation's Triathlon this past weekend.

1. DCTri race director Hugh Harris is a screamer

2. If you want to thank the volunteers, Karren Willard, Kristen Avioli, and Carrie Campbell are the DCTri members that you should thank. They ran that show.

3. DCTri's president Steve Carlson has a VD. I'm pretty sure of it. He was running and hustling around the DCTri water station like he has a VD. That's the only plausible explanation that I can find. I repeat, Steve Carlson has a VD.

4. DCTri member Courtney Fulton can really sing. Somebody should invite her to sing the national anthem at a triathlon sometime. Wait, someone did. Check it out

5. While running hard, DCTri elite member Stephanie Ewert looked like she's watching some horror movie (by the way, she was 4th in the female elite division)

6. DCTri race director Hugh Harris is a screamer. When I say screamer, I mean in a naughty kind of way that only the single women in the Arlington/Ballston/Court House area can understand. Kind of like one of them whistles that only dogs can hear.

7. The Vietnamese that was yelling at people at the bike mount area? Next year he's going to bring a water gun to shoot at all of the dumb asses that think that rules apply to everyone else except them at the bike mount line

8. Why was Ed Moser on a kayak on the Potomac when the swim was canceled?

9. Hamid Moinamin throws a mean post-race party. Perhaps next year he should hide his female shoe collections when inviting people over.

10. I pay $35 a year for a DCTri membership. I expect the DCTri race director to not be a screamer. Is that too much to ask?


jdruke's ravatar jdruke    JOINED: 9/2/10    POSTS: 64
RE: Spectator's Report: Nation's Tri
POSTED: 9/12/11 9:57 AM

Hilarious! Thanks everyone who volunteered. It was a great race and I had a lot of fun.

morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: Spectator's Report: Nation's Tri
POSTED: 9/12/11 11:02 AM

Thank you my friends and volunteers. I am not just saying this because I am afraid of Tuan and Hugh.

RAFTRI's ravatar RAFTRI    JOINED: 12/22/10    POSTS: 27
RE: Spectator's Report: Nation's Tri
POSTED: 9/12/11 11:17 AM

Courtney who sang the National Anthem put a lump in my throat and goosebumps all down my back....and I am British!!! Well done girl I wish we could show similar respect for our National Anthem at a public event!

Book her for the Super Bowl as she did a better version than Chritine Agiulera....period!!!

ncrcoach's ravatar ncrcoach    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1101
RE: Spectator's Report: Nation's Tri
POSTED: 9/12/11 11:38 AM

Tuan, below are some of my responses.

1. No comment.

2. Huge applause to Karen, Carrie and Kristen!

3. I am not aware nor to I care to be aware of this one.

4. Sorry to miss this. I'll have to check this at home. I'll probably have a dry throat at the time.

5. Maybe it was because she saw you standing on the side of the road.

6. I do not know the name of the competitor who made that comment.

7. Ed was there just in case you got pushed in.

8. Do this and you'll get pushed into the Potomac.

9. Maybe he was hoping that guy with the tu-tu would take a pair.

10. You need to pay $135 for the RD not to scream.

Again, all in good fun everyone! I just get a little fired up when I see my friends compete.


bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1100
RE: Spectator's Report: Nation's Tri
POSTED: 9/12/11 12:23 PM

Especially when Hugh is spiking his Gatorade. Why do you think he was yelling "Lime-flavored mojitos!"

He was just telling everyone what he was drinking. :::^)::

bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
RE: Spectator's Report: Nation's Tri
POSTED: 9/12/11 12:56 PM

The DC Tri volunteers were great! Tuan gave me a little (literal) push over the start line I think. Couldn't help but think that it would have been a great race for you with the canceled swim! The tone of Hugh's screaming was slightly odd to me, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Now I know. It encouraged me to go faster to get the heck out of there.

sewert12's ravatar sewert12    JOINED: 5/21/10    POSTS: 104
RE: Spectator's Report: Nation's Tri
POSTED: 9/12/11 8:55 PM

Wow, Tuan, you really know how to make a girl feel special. Maybe I'll frame a race photo and send it to you. I echo what everybody else has said-- thanks to the DC Tri volunteers and cheering squads, you guys rocked yesterday!

PotomacTriathlete2009's ravatar PotomacTriathlete2009    JOINED: 9/19/09    POSTS: 532
RE: Spectator's Report: Nation's Tri
POSTED: 9/14/11 10:45 AM

Thanks to the volunteers, organizers, singer!, fellow competitors and spectators.

As for Ed, he was practicing for next year's race.

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