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Newbie in town
CREATED: 01/06/11 by rockettl87 REPLIES: 7
rockettl87    JOINED: 1/6/11    POSTS: 3
Newbie in town
POSTED: 1/06/11 7:11 PM

Hello everyone,

My name is Brad and I recently moved to the Silver Spring area from Fredericksburg Virginia. Sadly to say I left all of my athletic friends at home and have no one up here to train with so I thought, why don't I join the DC Tri club to meet up with some people? I am hoping to tag along with a group or individual who can show me some good rides, runs, trails, open water swims, exc. pretty much everything that NOVA SoMD/DC has to offer!

A little about me, I am 23 years old working for GEICO in IT. I participated in several races in 09/10 (running, duals, tris, and mountain bike) and I think I am ready to try and up my distance this year in all categories.

Looking forward to meeting with a bunch of you hopefully soon.

markhakd's ravatar markhakd    JOINED: 10/8/09    POSTS: 231
RE: Newbie in town
POSTED: 1/08/11 8:55 PM

Hi Brad. Welcome to the club! There are tons of different opportunities to meet up with folks in the club and find people to train with: happy hours, clinics, training programs, brick-nics, races, etc. Watch the forum and the weekly email newsletter, and you'll probably find way more things than you have time for.

See you out there --

drjgamble's ravatar drjgamble    JOINED: 10/1/10    POSTS: 3
RE: Newbie in town
POSTED: 1/12/11 9:40 PM

Me too Brad! I just moved to DC from Louisville KY and did my first sprint in August. My name in Jeni Gamble and I am the Executive Director of WEAVE (Women Empowered Against Violence-a local legal and counseling non-profit). I moved in October for the position and have been too busy with getting established that training has gone out the window. I need a plan and a schedule!

I've always ran, not fast, but have done lots of road races and 5 marathons. I'm hitting the new tri training program on Saturday to 1) get a real training program and 2) meet people to train with. I metro everywhere and really need cycling friends to get me over the road fear I have not tackled. I got a shiny new bike for x-mas and am ready to use it!

Hope to meet some new folks on Saturday! See you then!


dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Newbie in town
POSTED: 1/13/11 8:50 AM


If you have already done a triathlon (even just one) then the NTP program this Saturday is probably not for you. Heck, it even state as such in the NTP FAQ section.

DCTri has any oly training program that will not only satisfy all of the criteria that you've listed but will also give you more things that will be more beneficial to you.

Brad ... I hear that is a really cool dude who does a DCTri group bike ride that starts in Silver Spring and hits all of the major bike routes in the area. The rides are between 60-112 miles every Sundays starting in the spring. You should ask around. I hear he's like the god's gift to humanity but that's just a unsubstantiated fact.


drjgamble's ravatar drjgamble    JOINED: 10/1/10    POSTS: 3
RE: Newbie in town
POSTED: 1/13/11 9:24 AM

Tuan-Thanks for the response. I think I'll still check it out since the target event is my first International distance. I had already read the FAQ section and think it will be a fine place to start.


laineym3's ravatar laineym3    JOINED: 7/2/10    POSTS: 123
RE: Newbie in town
POSTED: 1/13/11 12:57 PM

Did I just see Silver Spring... as in Silver Spring, MARYLAND?

DC Tri has established a mini subgroup for the folks that reside on the other side of the border from DC/VA :) We have Happy Hours, training rides, runs, swims, etc, but all near the Rockville/270 area, where most of the MoCo (Montgomery County) group is located.

If you want to join the google group, please go here:


singingjo's ravatar singingjo    JOINED: 1/31/11    POSTS: 11
RE: Newbie in town
POSTED: 2/02/11 8:37 PM

Hi Brad!

I just moved to Silver Spring a bit ago and just joined the club! I'd be stoked to train together!

I trained down here all last season, but I was alone and bored (I was still a member of the University of Delaware Tri Training Club so I hadn't made any new training buddies down here). I don't wanna spend another lonely training season in SS!!

I'm going to the happy hour tomorrow night in Bethesda at Rock Bottom Brewery (6:30 pm I believe?) Otherwise, email me and we can meet up to train sometime. I'm 26, I'm a doctoral student and this is my third season of triathlons coming up. I've done sprints and olympics, and am doing more of both as well as one half ironman this season. (eep!)

hit me up, and come to happy hour!


rockettl87    JOINED: 1/6/11    POSTS: 3
RE: Newbie in town
POSTED: 2/02/11 9:22 PM

Hey, That sounds great, I left all my training buddies back in fredericksburg Virginia so I am lonley as well this season. I am just getting off a hip injury I got in October when training for a marathon so I am right now easing back into my training but hopefuly it is going good and I should be at 100% by March (at least I am hoping to be). I wont be able to make happy hour tomorrow b/c I have class m-th at the moment until the end of this month. After that I will be free pretty much every weekend and after 5 on the week days to train. Where about in silver spring do you live? I live off I-29 6 miles north of the beltway (exit 30A) on the edge of PG and montgomoery.

But yes, I will be down for a training buddie this season :)

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