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Tri Spin @ Biker Barre 3/8
CREATED: 03/03/14 by kctest REPLIES: 1
kctest's ravatar kctest    JOINED: 1/2/14    POSTS: 36
Tri Spin @ Biker Barre 3/8
POSTED: 3/03/14 1:41 PM

Hi everyone!

The Capitol Hill contingency of the 2014 NTP class is going to do an off-schedule tri-specific spin class together at Biker Barre on 3/8, and we wanted to invite the rest of the club (our much wiser elders?) to join us! We'd love to have you.

Details on how to sign up are below in a blurb they wrote up for us - feel free to sign up and come spin - all are welcome!

Biker Barre Invites the DC Triathlon Club for a Very Special Ride!

Biker Barre, Capitol Hill’s one-stop cardio and toning shop, is driven by music, intensity and laughter. We’re offering up a very special indoor cycling class designed specifically for the DC Triathlon Club by Washingtonian’s Best Personal Trainer, Ingrid Nelson.

Join us on Saturday, March 8th from 12:45p to 1:45p! (Class from 1:00 to 1:45)

To sign up for the class, visit our Web site,, and click on “pricing” to buy a class pass. (If you’ve never been to Biker Barre, our recommendation is to get the “New to Biker Barre Second Class on the House” package – you’ll cover this class, and have an extra to use in the future!)

After purchasing a class, e-mail us at to reserve a spot in this special class! We’ll write back to confirm your reservation. This class will not be offered for sale online.

Please note, all classes at Biker Barre start right on time and after the start, we no longer allow entry. Please come 15 minutes early to grab a bike, get set up, and get excited!

kctest's ravatar kctest    JOINED: 1/2/14    POSTS: 36
RE: Tri Spin @ Biker Barre 3/8
POSTED: 3/05/14 11:34 AM

Bump! There are still a few spots left, get them while they're hot! (Or it's cold... or whatever...)

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