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Running clinics
CREATED: 03/14/10 by giovobo REPLIES: 6
giovobo    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 20
Running clinics
POSTED: 3/14/10 9:42 PM


Does anyone know a good running clinic/examination. I have come to the conclusion that I don't know how to run properly since every time that I finish a mid-distance run (5 miles), my knees hurt like crazy.

cjp    JOINED: 1/24/10    POSTS: 2
RE: Running clinics
POSTED: 3/14/10 11:19 PM

Went to a great running gait clinic today at Potomac River Running as part of the NTP program (Thanks NTP co-leaders, I learned a lot!!). Margie mentioned they have similar clinics at different times at all of their locations (I think she said there were seven).

Also wanted to mention to the group that google maps has bicycle routes in beta. I hadn't seen it before yesterday. Pretty cool.
- Chris

sandyc's ravatar sandyc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 288
RE: Running clinics
POSTED: 3/15/10 12:07 PM

Gio - have you been properly fit for running shoes? Your knee pain from running could be attributed to many things, form and proper footwear are just a couple possible things. Potomac River Running does a really great job of putting people in the right shoes, and as Chris mentioned, they also offer run clinics/coaching. Margie Shapiro of Potomac River Running always does a fantastic job with the running clinics for us, and they are a great DC Tri Club merchant partner. There are multiple locations throughout DC/VA/MD. Check out their website for more info:

PotomacTriathlete2009's ravatar PotomacTriathlete2009    JOINED: 9/19/09    POSTS: 532
RE: Running clinics
POSTED: 3/15/10 11:25 PM

The wrong shoes are one possible cause. Another is weakness in the core muscles. That can lead to knee instability. Adding mileage too quickly is yet another possible cause.

I had to deal with a lot of knee and hip issues when I first started running regularly in the summer of 2008. But now I'm not having any of the problems that I did a year ago. I've heard that it takes about a year for your bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles to really get used to running. My experience seems to follow that time frame.

I hope you get it figured out. Everything should get easier as you go on though.

novasupra's ravatar novasupra    JOINED: 12/3/09    POSTS: 70
RE: Running clinics
POSTED: 3/15/10 11:27 PM

second the suggestion for the shoes, getting properly fitted for running shoes made a huge difference for me, proper shoes can "correct" many running issues. A wise person once told me... "running shouldn't hurt", especially mid-distance runs.

giovobo    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 20
RE: Running clinics
POSTED: 3/16/10 12:37 AM

Thank you all for your responses. I am definitely going to PR to get an appropriate shoe fitting and check out their clinics ASAP. I was an NTP last year so I should be already getting away from the pain, but it's not the case. I will get new (proper) shoes and see how this goes. Thanks!

SSPT    JOINED: 5/28/09    POSTS: 87
RE: Running clinics
POSTED: 3/16/10 3:52 PM

Shoes can certainly be a contributing factor to foot/ankle, knee, and hip pain. PR Running has a great reputation and I would recommend making sure that your shoes are a good fit for your feet and running style.

As another post pointed out, sometimes core weakness, or even relative weakness of your hip musculature can contribute to some issues that you may be experiencing.

SSPT continues to offer free screens for DC Tri members, and we'd be happy to work with you if your problems persist!

Thank you,

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