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Half Ironman in August
CREATED: 05/09/13 by kbarber REPLIES: 3
kbarber's ravatar kbarber    JOINED: 9/7/12    POSTS: 10
Half Ironman in August
POSTED: 5/09/13 10:27 AM

I'm signed up for the half ironman in august in Australia. To date I've only competed in Olympic distances and never used a formal training program. Anyone open to chatting w/ me about how they trained for their first half ironman? Or does anyone know of personal coaches in the DC area that I could work w/?

dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Half Ironman in August
POSTED: 5/09/13 2:29 PM

In 6 years of triathlon racing, including 4 Ironmans (2 overseas), with a 5th IM in August, I've never had a formal training plan. I can't even tell you exactly what I did from one year to another. Don't sweat it too much.

If you want a training plan, look at They have one on there or google the net. Joe Friel's Triathlon Training Bible is a good book if you are looking for pointers and plans. You can also join the DCTri Half Ironman training program. There's a plan in there and a coach to guide you.

Here's what I did for my first HIM. The particulars (i.e., distance, speed, intensity, etc), I make up as I go.

1. Long run on Sat. Long bike on the Sun

2. 2-a-day M-Thu. Friday ... sometimes I rest, sometimes I swim or run.

Just bike a lot. That's the one thing I wished I did more of during that first HIM season.

My approach probably won't work for the typical Type-A triathlete, but there are more than one way to skin a cat. If you are the type of person who functions best with a set regiment, probably better to find a plan or a coach. If you are a kind of carefree person who just wants to finish a HIM, feel free to drop me a note.

Don't take my carefree approach as laziness. Time and mileagewise, I train just as hard as anyone on a plan or with a coach. My way of getting there is just different.

number55555 at yahoo dot com.

kst718's ravatar kst718    JOINED: 8/29/11    POSTS: 110
RE: Half Ironman in August
POSTED: 5/10/13 8:32 AM

I joined the DC Tri Club Half Ironman Program to train for my first half (Augusta, GA, last Sept). It was really helpful. There's a training plan set to coincide with your goal race and clinics and group workouts. The clinics cover things like injury prevention, swim technique, running form, nutrition, etc. You also have access to Coach AJ and some other club mentors. But overall, it's important to know yourself and whether you like learning from a group, a book, figuring it out yourself, individual coaching, etc. Good luck!

DavisCatlin    JOINED: 1/12/11    POSTS: 1
RE: Half Ironman in August
POSTED: 5/23/13 8:50 AM

I just did my first Half in March on my way to my first full IM in Texas last week (in the killer heat). I felt really well trained for the HIM so I thought I would chime in with what I did - even if its not the cheapest.

I used Trainingpeaks to find a training plan from one of their coaches. I was buying the full IM plan so I think the two combined were about $250 ($120 for TP & $130ish for the training plan), which was definitely worth it. I picked the workout plan that fit my parameters (by David Glover) and it auto-loaded it into the training peaks software/calendar. Then every morning I got an email letting me know my workout for the day and the next day. I also had the ability to upload all of my workouts online on through an app to track my progress (a big mental boost when thigns get tough). Its more expensive to do TrainingPeaks, but if I didn't get an email every morning and invest the money - I never would have gotten out of bed to swim in the mornings before work or gotten on the bike after work.

In terms of the actual training, I was doing about ~10-13 hours/week during the build up to the HIM and I felt great during the race. Trained 6 days a week with 1 long ride on Sat (quick brick after), one long run on Wed then 2-3x morning swims and a few short 1 hour runs/rides during the week after work.

This has gotten long but I will stop there. Feel free to reach out to me directly as another relative Newbie if you want more specifics.

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