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Group rides/runs for homeless outreach
CREATED: 10/02/12 by rachelricker REPLIES:
rachelricker    JOINED: 10/8/11    POSTS: 8
Group rides/runs for homeless outreach
POSTED: 10/02/12 5:14 PM

Hi all, Previously, I posted about my and my husband’s involvement with a homelessness outreach group in Dupont: Charlie’s Place ( We do a breakfast meal program during the week, job placement, provide nursing services, etc. We are a small organization that tries to fill in some of the gaps of the larger homelessness groups.

In years past, our biggest source of funding was the annual Sallie Mae Homeless Walk-A-Thon. This year, Sallie Mae is not holding the walk, but instead wants the groups to put on “mini-events” like walks, runs and rides. It is supposed to combine exercise and awareness. The more people we have register with us, the more funding we get from Sallie Mae to continue our services.

To that end, I was wondering if people would be interested in the concept of joining group rides or runs with Charlie’s Place. The idea would be that for certain rides or runs, if people want to, they can sign up to “ride for Charlie’s Place.” There would be no obligation or pre-sign-ups. Charlie’s Place would have people at the starting point with forms. The cost would be $30 per person (it’s a one-time thing), so need to feel pressured to sign-up more than once this year.

I know the season has pretty much winded down for most folks, but if anyone is interested in this effort please let me know. When joined together, I think something like this could really help us meet our goal of 550 walkers/runner/riders.

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