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Marathon Training Plans
CREATED: 10/22/12 by jberlow REPLIES: 6
jberlow's ravatar jberlow    JOINED: 4/16/12    POSTS: 40
Marathon Training Plans
POSTED: 10/22/12 2:54 PM


I'm looking into running the Rock and Roll USA marathon in dc. I'm looking on google for some full marathon training plans. Does anyone have they'd recommend? I'd like to run 3-4 days a week since I'm swimming 2-3 days a week right now. And Maybe stay on the bike a bit.


RJohnson1979's ravatar RJohnson1979    JOINED: 9/13/09    POSTS: 82
RE: Marathon Training Plans
POSTED: 10/22/12 5:28 PM

I recommend Hal Higdon's plans and his book "Marathon"

Good luck!


jdubon3's ravatar jdubon3    JOINED: 8/11/12    POSTS: 23
RE: Marathon Training Plans
POSTED: 10/25/12 9:08 PM

I recently signed up for it myself. I've been using the training plan from for a half I'm running in december with no issues so I plan on using his full marathon guide to train for this one as well.

BTW I don't know if you already registered for it but a $10 coupon code is "RNRCHALLENGE"

jxjia's ravatar jxjia    JOINED: 8/13/12    POSTS: 112
RE: Marathon Training Plans
POSTED: 10/26/12 8:56 AM

You may want to checkout these training advise on Slowtwitch:;search_string=runtraining;#1612485

Lots of good information there from a pool of excellent triathletes.

Good luck!

pmahler's ravatar pmahler    JOINED: 1/21/12    POSTS: 42
RE: Marathon Training Plans
POSTED: 10/30/12 11:40 AM

Based on my experience at MCM, I don't recommend my approach of "do a half a month before" and "hope for the best"

hina's ravatar hina    JOINED: 9/4/11    POSTS: 48
RE: Marathon Training Plans
POSTED: 10/30/12 11:47 AM

Ooh, thanks for the discount code (I hope it's still valid!). I want to run at least the half-marathon, and maybe the full, but can't start training till December.

hppeabody's ravatar hppeabody    JOINED: 9/17/09    POSTS: 193
RE: Marathon Training Plans
POSTED: 10/30/12 8:58 PM

Earlier this year I decided to bill some hours to my company making running plans so I put together some sort of beginner focused marathon, half, 10k and 5k plans and gave them to the company running club.

Happy to share with anyone who wants them. The marathon one is just 4 days a week of running, one day of cross training, so you could probably tailor it in with your swimming pretty well. its a good starting point to work off of and maybe mix with some of the other plans out there.

Shoot me an email if you want it.



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