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FREE Saturday Injury Drop-In Screenings @ =PR=
CREATED: 05/04/10 by AndyJB444 REPLIES:
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FREE Saturday Injury Drop-In Screenings @ =PR=
POSTED: 5/04/10 2:50 PM

FREE Saturday Injury Drop-In Screenings @ =PR=

Do you occasionally suffer from aches and pains when you run? Have you been repeatedly sidelined by chronic injuries? Do you sometimes wonder whether you can “train through” something bothering you or whether you need medical attention/a break? The Saturday Injury Drop-In program is your opportunity to spend time with a medical professional AT NO COST and discuss your problems and questions (or how to avoid problems in the future if you’ve been injury free!)
Starting THIS SATURDAY, May 8th from 12-2 PM, and every Saturday thereafter, you will be able to stop in to select =PR= locations and meet with a medical professional relevant to runners and walkers (Podiatrist, Physical Therapist, Orthopedist, Sports Medicine Professional, Athletic Trainer, Sports Massage Practitioner, etc.). As we work to implement this program, we’ll gradually add Injury Drop-In days at our various =PR= locations. Make sure to check out the =PR= website for details on which practitioners will be available, and at which store locations. Every week the available dates, along with a bio of the medical professional attending, will be posted. We hope this program will help you stay on the road/track/treadmill injury free!

Injury Screening schedule FOR THIS SATURDAY, MAY 8th 12-2 PM... check out the =PR= website for bios!
# =PR= Arlington: Select Physical Therapy: Dr. Kevin Fang, DPT
# =PR= Ashburn: Capitol Rehab: Dr. Luke Pietrantone, D.C.
# =PR= Burke: Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Center of Washington: Matt Bernier, PT
# =PR= Reston: Fox Mill Foot and Ankle Center: Dr. George Lane, D.P.M
# =PR= Cleveland Park: Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy: Robert Gillanders, PT

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