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Zoot Wetsuit - Phrophet - Women's Medium
CREATED: 05/02/14 by kendragogo REPLIES:
kendragogo's ravatar kendragogo    JOINED: 7/2/12    POSTS: 31
Zoot Wetsuit - Prophet - Women's Medium
POSTED: 5/02/14 10:34 AM

Are your arms terribly tired after a swim in your wetsuit? Upgrade to one with greater flexibility - this high-end wetsuit has fantastic flexibility in the shoulders, so you don't waste energy fighting against the wetsuit!

For Sale:

Women's Zoot Prophet. Size Medium. Perfect condition. Worn Once.

Worn only once.

So why am I selling it? I failed to pay attention to the sizing chart. I now have the same model in the right size and love it.

Sizing for the medium:
Height is 5'3 to 5'9.
Weight is 118-137.

Retail is $675. Selling for $299.

Send me an email at kendra.goffredo (at) gmail

Thank you, Kendra

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