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local/VA lawyer for cyclist hit by car, insurance matter?
CREATED: 01/25/10 by Lunchbox REPLIES:
Lunchbox's ravatar Lunchbox    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 31
local/VA lawyer for cyclist hit by car, insurance matter?
POSTED: 1/25/10 11:23 AM

On behalf of a friend of a friend looking for a local attorney specializing in cyclists hit by cars.

Reply here or email me. cpcowley at gmail.


From an email to me:

A friend of mine who is an avid biker was hit by a driver of a pick up truck in Winchester, VA on the weekend and taken to the local hospital due to the fact he lost consciousness. He was released after an overnight stay but two days later may have suffered a mini stroke. He spent the last two days at GW Hospital with all the possible neurological exams and even a spinal tap. The reason I am raising this with you is that the police in Winchester did ticket the truck driver so liability is not in dispute. My friend contacted his insurance carrier who said they do not cover him or his medical expenses. He assumes the driver's carrier will cover the medical expenses but I also assume that just as with auto accidents there is the likelihood of recovering for pain and suffering, etc.

I guess my question to you is have you any recommendations as to local attorneys who specialize in recoveries for victims of bike accidents and have you heard any stories re recoveries made by fellow riders who have been hit by a car or truck?

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