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Elite (and others) Team results, July 24 weekend
CREATED: 07/26/11 by mosered REPLIES:
mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2216
Elite (and others) Team results, July 24 weekend
POSTED: 7/26/11 10:45 AM

From the DCT FB page:

The DC Triathlon Elite team posted some great results this weekend. Here's a recap for the team: Rockett's Landing - Stephanie Ewert-3rd Overall, Ellen Wexler-4th AG, Luke Holman-1st AG, Peter Nguyen-2nd AG, Patrick Serfass-3rd AG, Andy Blatecky-4th AG. IM Lake Placid - AJ Morrison 12:16:14 and Janie Hayes 11:05:31. Congrats team and to everyone that raced and beat the heat this weekend!!

(NTM at Lake Placid Phil Schmidt 3rd AG, Bryan Frank not that that far behind him, Travis Siendhel 11:45, and many more...

And at Rockett's Landing, all medaling: Jenny Leehy, Olwen Huxley, Hilary Cairns, Ben Winterroth, Holli Finneren, Michelle Harburg, Jessica Oldham, Emily Richard, Melissa Talent, ex-Pres Julie Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Carroll, Bonnie Magness Gard (60-64 AG), John Chambers, Dena Richardson (Athena/Aphrodite), Bill Goodrich (Clydesdale/Adonis), Carl Fudge (Aquabike), Doug Gow, (and Kim Stepien and Jen Rentch??), all medaling. And Shaun Reddy, Paul Durbin, and Kimberly De Jonckheere, almost medaling, and many more....)

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