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Ambassador of Rock_TriRock Annapolis
CREATED: 12/22/11 by JessO REPLIES:
JessO's ravatar JessO    JOINED: 6/16/09    POSTS: 66
Ambassador of Rock_TriRock Annapolis
POSTED: 12/22/11 10:23 PM

Hi friends - passing along this job opportunity on behalf of our new club partners over at the Competitor group:

·If you live to rock the swim, bike and run, join us as our official Ambassador of Rock for TriRock Annapolis, coming to town May 12, 2012!

Ambassador of Rock – TriRock Annapolis:
As the Ambassador of Rock, you are a local fitness innovator and leader who embodies the active lifestyle and represents the Competitor Brand. You are an athlete, connector and community expert with the mission to authentically build relationships within the local market, generate a buzz around TriRock Annapolis and drive registrations through grassroots outreach.

Promote TriRock in Annapolis and surrounding areas to increase registration, brand awareness and excitement within the community.

Grassroots Representative Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Build and maintain relationships with health & fitness community and local multi sport organizations
• Assist in creating a local marketing plan
• Support in-store promotions
• Represent the TriRock brand at running, triathlon and expo events to promote the race
• Educate and inspire at local running or multi-sport club meetings about the event
• Use social media outlets to increase chatter about event on local forums
• Distribute brochures and posters to health & fitness stores
• Provide weekly updates to assess grassroots initiatives and strategize outreach

Skills/Knowledge Required:
• Reliable and energetic with strong interpersonal skills
• Experience in event coordinating and marketing
• Enthusiasm for triathlon
• Organized
• Self starter with a proactive approach
• Familiar with local area events
• Knowledge of the multi sport community
• Time flexibility on weekends and some week nights

December 2011 - May 2012
This is a Contract position.
Compensation based on experience.

If you think you have what it takes, please send your resume along with a brief paragraph describing why you’ll be a rockin’ ambassador.
contact us at

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