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Getting a bike fit with Clovis
CREATED: 05/05/10 by hppeabody REPLIES: 2
hppeabody's ravatar hppeabody    JOINED: 9/17/09    POSTS: 193
Getting a bike fit with Clovis
POSTED: 5/05/10 11:19 AM

Just wanted to share my wonderful experience getting a bike fit on Monday with Clovis at Conte's.

First off, I'll say this: I'm an idiot and decided to buy my first bike, on my own, used, without even getting measured for a frame, from a girl that looked about my size so I figured it was fine. Being new to tris, I figured, eh, it could certainly get me through a few seasons and at least a HIM. no big deal. Boy was I wrong! So after I started developing some pretty serious knee pain every time I rode I made an appt for a 3D fit with Clovis per Simon's suggestion (thanks Simon!).

In short, Clovis spent a good hour and a half with me working through a number of issues. I learned that I need a bigger frame, but until I decide to upgrade, I at least have some adjustments made that will last a while (longer stem, adjusted seat height, some adjustments on my brakes to make them easier to reach for my small hands, pedals moved out, cleats adjusted for my duck pointed feet, etc. He was very knowledgable and was able to easily identify some tightness in my IT band and knew a lot about chondromalacia, which I have in both knees. He gave me some inserts for my high arches and cut them down to make them fit in my shoes. He also noticed that one of my feet points out more than the other one, so my cleats should be adjusted differently on each shoe and this he did for me.

Whatever the case, I hadn't had a (knee) pain free bike workout in quite some time until yesterday. I did my first Conte's hill ride and went into it desperately afraid because I didn't think I'd be able to keep up and especially was worried about getting used to my newly adjusted bike. What surprised the heck out of me though was that I was actually significantly faster than I've ever been on the bike. While the workout was certainly not an easy one, it was the first time I really felt the burn just in my leg muscles rather than in my knees. His adjustments made it so that I have so much more power and was able to go so much faster (even on those crazy hills!). I have yet to try it out for a longer distance ride, but Clovis was very nice about telling me to come back if anything does not feel right once I do go out for a longer ride.

So, if things aren't feeling right on your bike and you can't get any faster and haven't had a fit, I would recommend going to see Clovis. It's not exactly cheap but I'm already feeling that it was well worth the price. (also, you don't get a discount on the actual bike discount. well, actually i did thanks to signing up during dc tri night but thats a different story-- but, you do get the discount for any parts you might need to buy as a result of the fit. In my case, that was just for the stem and inserts which was not incredibly expensive).


flora    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 35
RE: Getting a bike fit with Clovis
POSTED: 5/05/10 11:51 AM

I'll second that. Clovis did my bike fitting and he was really thorough and attentive.

clcohen's ravatar clcohen    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 99
RE: Getting a bike fit with Clovis
POSTED: 8/27/11 10:33 PM

Clovis was very thorough and attentive, to the girl I was double booked with. I don't think he's done triathlons, which explains the erratic reviews of his fits, and his mountain bike fit was complete crap. I went to a place in Boulder after getting fit by Clovis, that changed all of what Clovis did. Which wasn't much. he told me to ride my bike, stock, for a week after the fitting (which I waited 2 hours in store to start). That bike was never fitted to me originally, and he changed nothing. I went back one week later. The tall, skinny, tattoed guy said off the bat it was clear that my concerns - a stock bar that is meant for all sizes needs to be seriously cut down for my 5'3" frame, my position was too far forward (mountain biking, not tri!). The folks in Boulder changed everything, BY MULTIPLE INCHES (not centimeters) - stem length, seat position, saddle height. I ended up swapping out the saddle and stem, and moving my cleats, saddle, seat height, stem length, and stem height. almost nothing left from my wasted fitting with Clovis.

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