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Intro to Track: Reminder
CREATED: 05/27/14 by claudiabl REPLIES:
claudiabl's ravatar claudiabl    JOINED: 12/25/10    POSTS: 34
Intro to Track: Reminder
POSTED: 5/27/14 8:05 AM

As a part of the DC Tri Community group, “Moderate to Reduced Speed Pace Group,” an “Introduction to Track” session will be held at the Wilson High School’s track on Wednesday, May 28th starting promptly at 6:00 PM, followed by a 6:30 track workout. This introduction is open to any DC Tri club member regardless of pace! It will cover the basics of track workouts including, but not limited to, form, technique, terminology, readiness, appropriate pacing, and any questions you may have. This is an opportunity for anyone who may not yet have the endurance base to run track (but can use track time to build base), for anyone who has been worried about keeping up with the group, or anyone else who has been reluctant because they don’t know what to expect. Track workout intervals are always based on time and not distance, so no one ever waits for you!
We are requesting that you sign-up so that we have sufficient people to help with the introduction. Please use this link to register:

Directions: Woodrow Wilson High School, 3950 Chesapeake St NW, Washington DC 20016. Metro Stop: Tenleytown, Red Line. Enter Wilson High School as if you are going to the pool and walk straight through the building or enter the track off of Nebraska Ave. Meet group at bottom of bleachers, even if games are occurring on the field! If you have any other questions, contact Claudia Blackburn. Email address

Happy Training!

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