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Hawaii to DC
CREATED: 03/10/13 by jakobwjohnsen REPLIES: 4
jakobwjohnsen's ravatar jakobwjohnsen    JOINED: 3/10/13    POSTS: 12
Hawaii to DC
POSTED: 3/10/13 10:08 PM

Hey guys, Im jake, just wanted to introduce myself to the club. Like I said, Im jake, and I just moved out here from Honolulu. I went to West Point (played football, offensive lineman), was in the army, just got out, and am just beginning work here in DC!

I got into triathlon last year due to a buddy who was into it, and loved em! I did 4 or 5 races last year, ranging from sprint to olympic, and also did the 2.4 Mile Waikiki Roughwater Swim (What the IM swim is based on). I loved the community, competition (especially as a former college athlete), and fun that triathlon provides.

I am by no means an elite competitor, but I love triathlons and am looking forward to the races here. I am actually really looking forward to having the clydesdale category (not many races in Hawaii had them), as I joked in Hawaii that I was undefeated in the M, 20-25, Former Division 1 Offensive Lineman Category.

My goal race this year is a Half Ironman, and still debating whether I want to join the program, and which race I want to do.

I am looking forward to both being a member of the DC Tri Club, and also meeting more of you in workouts/happy hours/races!



jbrez's ravatar jbrez    JOINED: 1/30/11    POSTS: 303
RE: Hawaii to DC
POSTED: 3/11/13 7:18 AM

Hey Jake,
Welcome to the area and the club! There's a few West Point folks around here and plenty races to get into. Check out the regularly scheduled workouts section of the website here.

The Saturday morning rides are just getting back in business and the group should be pretty good sized this weekend if the weather stays nice.

The club also has a few 'featured' races this year which basically means a bunch of local folk are doing them. Here's the link. So check out the Williamsburg half. The Nation's Tri is kind of the premier race in the area.

Also I'd be beaten if I failed to mention the Peasantman Triathlon. This may be the greatest race in the history of the mankind. It's an annual event down at Lake Anna that's geared around newbies but is a lot of fun. Everyone goes down to camp for the weekend, BBQ's and has a good time. I'll let Tuan fill you in on the details.


dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Hawaii to DC
POSTED: 3/11/13 8:43 AM

Jason is wise man. You should do PeasantMan. It's a low key non-race/race that is 95% DCTri. Lots of DCTri participants as well as volunteers. You will not find a higher concentration of DCTri folks than at PeasantMan. We have a FREE bike ride and ows swim that is kayak supported with buoys ($25) the day before the race. There's a bbq with afterward. That's why folks make the weekend out of it. I can't think of a better way for you to meet current and new members than at PeasantMan :) ... lot's of folks carpool and share campsite there also.

PeasantMan info:

PeasantMan Registration URL:


morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: Hawaii to DC
POSTED: 3/11/13 9:09 AM

Can I have your place in Hawaii? I mean DC is great and all and you have found the best TRI club on the planet, but Hawaii. really -I'd love to go back. I did the Lanikai Tri last spring break - so fabulous.

Oh, sing up for Columbia Tri on May 19th - Toughest Olympic Distance Tri around, but fun and lots of DC Tri peeps there.

jakobwjohnsen's ravatar jakobwjohnsen    JOINED: 3/10/13    POSTS: 12
RE: Hawaii to DC
POSTED: 3/11/13 9:21 AM

Maureen- Haha yeah, living in Hawaii was amazing.

One question on that note--I didn't use a wet suit for any of the Hawaii races, as the water was always perfect. do y'all recommend getting a wet suit for races here??


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