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no car_Carpooling to Races
CREATED: 03/10/13 by jakobwjohnsen REPLIES: 1
jakobwjohnsen's ravatar jakobwjohnsen    JOINED: 3/10/13    POSTS: 12
no car_Carpooling to Races
POSTED: 3/10/13 10:20 PM

Random question, but I thought id throw it out there.

I just moved to DC, and don't have a car here. I checked out the schedule of races for around DC this summer, and it seems like a lot of the races are a good drive away. Are there any carpooling programs/groups to help club members get to races?

What kinds of things have those of you that do not have cars done to get to races?

thanks a lot!


jbrez's ravatar jbrez    JOINED: 1/30/11    POSTS: 303
RE: no car_Carpooling to Races
POSTED: 3/11/13 7:20 AM

Lots of folks around don't have cars. Shouldn't be a problem securing rides to races and events outside the area.

You could also check out zipcar. The membership pays for itself pretty quick it's a really nice deal to just pick up an SUV or something for $60 over the weekend and go race.

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