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USMS Emergency Rule Change
CREATED: 01/26/10 by ncrcoach REPLIES:
ncrcoach's ravatar ncrcoach    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1101
USMS Emergency Rule Change
POSTED: 1/26/10 5:10 PM

This came in an email from the office of the US Masters Swimming. This does not affect open water races, but it affects those trying to wear the high tech suits.

Due to the change in Masters swimwear rules published by FINA January 16, 2010, and
pursuant to Article 601.4.8, the USMS Rules Committee and the USMS Executive
Committee have approved the following emergency changes to the USMS swimwear
rules. These changes are effective immediately for short course meters and long course
meters competition. The changes are effective June 1, 2010 for short course yards
competition. Note that the new swimwear rules no longer allow modesty/privacy wear
underneath the competition suit nor zippers or fasteners of any kind except for a waist tie
on a brief or jammer. The new swimwear rules will not govern the One Hour Swim
being conducted January 2010.

Changes to the swimwear rules are underlined below.

102.14.1 Design—The swimsuits worn for competition shall be nontransparent and conform to the current concept of
the appropriate. The referee shall have authority to bar offenders from competition until they comply with
this rule.

102.14.2 Swimwear shall include only a swimsuit, cap and goggles (a nose clip and ear plugs are allowed). Arm
bands or leg bands shall not be regarded as parts of the swimsuit and are not allowed.

102.14.3 In swimming competitions, the competitor must wear only one swimsuit in one or two pieces. All
swimsuits shall be made from textile materials. Except for open water competitions, for men, the swimsuit
shall not extend above the navel nor below the knees, and for women, shall not cover the neck, extend past
the shoulder, nor extend below the knees.

102.14.4 Only swimsuits complying with FINA swimsuit specifications may be worn in any U.S. Masters Swimming
sanctioned or recognized competition.

102.14.5 Exemptions to the foregoing restrictions may be granted to a swimmer, on a case by case basis, by the Chair
of the Rules Committee or designee. Exemptions will be granted only for conflicts due to the swimmer’s
verified religious beliefs or verified medical conditions.
A) Procedures for applying for an exemption will be established by the Rules Committee and posted on the
U.S. Masters Swimming website.
B) No exemption to these restrictions will be granted for a swimsuit that will give the swimmer a
competitive advantage.
C) The decision of the Rules Chair may be appealed only to the entire Rules Committee whose decision
shall be final and binding on all parties.

102.14.6 Swimmers are not permitted to wear or use any device or substance to help their speed, pace, buoyancy or
endurance during a race (such as webbed gloves, flippers, fins, etc.). Goggles may be worn, and rubdown oil
applied if not considered excessive by the Referee. Any kind of tape on the body is not permitted unless
approved by the Referee.

102.14.7 Advertising—Products involving tobacco, alcohol or pharmaceuticals containing drugs banned under IOC
or FINA rules may not be advertised, but the advertiser’s name only may be used. Offenders may be barred
from competition until they comply with this rule.

For any questions contact:
Kathy Casey, Chair
USMS Rules Committee

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