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Help get Cat a Tri Bike
CREATED: 05/09/13 by rojojade REPLIES: 1
rojojade's ravatar rojojade    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 458
Help get Cat a Tri Bike
POSTED: 5/09/13 3:22 PM

Summary - Click here and like the picture.

So I know that I sent out a lot of emails and totally spammed like a quarter of the club yesterday (sorry about that) - but considering that most of my tri budget has gone to PT this season for the various injuries on my hips, calves and back, I ran out of money to get a tri bike. Then I found the contest hosted by Quintana Roo - whoever gets the most likes will get a free frame! Which means I can slowly piece together a tri bike!

Trevor was kind enough to offer to run a half mile to anyone that like my post and tell him about it. (like my post and then post on trevor's wall to get him to run more!)

I got to thinking what could I tempt everyone with to vote for me. My PT and Coach would kill me if I tried any of the feats of strengths and endurance that Trevor does. Then I realized what was the picture that won me the Spirit Award. So this is my pledge. If I win the frame, I will do a DC Tri Club's practice tri in my hot suit suit - well the bike and run portion. No Tuan, I will not do the swim in the hot suit (But if you noticed the picture, it's from Peasentman 3 years ago ... the most awesome tri ever)!

So in conclusion, if you love hot dogs or love America - go to and like the picture!

Thank you for your time!

And for proof that I do indeed own a hot dog suit - here it is in all it's glory ...

dlavey    JOINED: 1/6/13    POSTS: 35
RE: Help get Cat a Tri Bike
POSTED: 5/10/13 9:15 PM

Are those cow bells on your hands? Because if so I'm tempted to create a bunch of fake Facebook accounts just so I can like your pic even more! Triathlon needs more cowbell!!

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