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Columbia Brick-Nic Time?
CREATED: 04/19/11 by caitlin1091 REPLIES: 1
caitlin1091    JOINED: 3/7/11    POSTS: 3
Columbia Brick-Nic Time?
POSTED: 4/19/11 10:19 AM

Does anyone know what time the Brick-Nic will start on May 1st? My ticket says 10AM but a previous post on volunteering at the event said 9AM. Just wanted to confirm before I accept plans for later in the afternoon.


dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Columbia Brick-Nic Time?
POSTED: 4/19/11 10:56 AM

It's a really informal thing. People will show at different hours. For example, I'll probably be there at 7:00 AM to put in a really long bike ride. The grill is usually cranking out food by around noon-ish. People will stick around until 3-4 PM. Others will leave once their workouts are over. There will be other individuals and clubs that will be using the course that day. The bike course will have lots of people on there. Most people will time their arrival so that they are back to the grill area by noon so as to enjoy the food when it's ready.

Last year DCTri had volunteers leading a group on the bike and volunteers sweeping on the bike. Even with a group leader, people will drop off or charge ahead since everyone rides at different paces. The roads are not closed so riding in large groups or two/three abreast is not something that you will see a lot out there.

It's not like it's a race where at 10:00 AM, everyone will simultaneously leave together. There will be small groups of people who will do that but like I said previously, the group will thin out once you get on the road.

Think along the line of a company picnic. Yes, there is a time that is set, but everyone arrives at different times and doing their one little thing.


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